Privacy policy

Your privacy is one of the most important aspects to TokenDesk. It is vital for us to make sure that you fully grasp and accept our privacy policy.

By accepting TokenDesk privacy policy both parties agree with our idea of your personal information utilization as well as  your options of the usage of our gathered information.

This is a list of information units to which our privacy policy would be applied:

Information that you input on TokenDesk website;
Your IP;
Your email address;
Your browsing data (on TD platform);

All the information gathered by TokenDesk or provided by you will ONLY be used to provide quality online service for YOU. Also it will help to solve the most common issues that happens to happen to all users of any platform. Example: reset of password.

There will be occasional emails sent to inform you about important changes, news or other information relevant to you.

TokenDesk will never use or share your private information in any way that is unrelated to TokenDesk direct business processes. There will be an opportunity to opt-out provided for you to prohibit all uses of information that you will find unnecessary.

All information provided by you must be accurate, current and complete when creating user account on TokenDesk website. You must maintain changes of this information to keep it current at all times. In case of untrue or inaccurate registration information, you must take all responsibility of all the activities that may occur due to the formed deviations from facts.

You personal account and the password you create are intended for individual use only. They cannot be transferred and must not be shared in any way. TokenDesk will always help you in case of illegal use of your account caused by others in form of hacking and negligent password storing.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us.


It is important for TokenDesk to use cookies to make sure we know our visitors and so that we could suggest more meaningful and relevant content individually. This can be achieved by sending a cookie to your browser which is later easily recognizable when you return to TokenDesk.

Browsers accept cookies automatically, you are not required to do anything about it. It will link your unique device to our platform making it easy for you to login when you come back. Also it helps to relate your account to the information that was viewed or browsed earlier. A cookie  enables you to keep track of all updates and changes that are relevant to you.

More information about how cookies works you can find here:

All questions are welcome – please contact us.