We’re Excited to Announce our Latest Selected Prime Project – Photochain

Aug 16, 2018

Photochain is developing a decentralized ecosystem and peer-to-peer marketplace that enables photographers and artists to sell their visual work without middleman to buyers, while keeping full control over licensing, copyright, and pricing conditions.

Photochain will launch their last ICO main sale phase this Friday, August 17 and simultaneously release the public beta version of their platform – utilizing novel smart contracts for transactions, irreversible license recording, automated payment and much more.

They will disrupt the quasi-monopoly in the stock photography market and give back the power to the photographer community. This is an extract of Photochain’s unique prerequisites:

  • Successfully reached soft cap
  • High caliber team and board incl. the Ex-VP Marketing EMEA & APAC from Shutterstock
  • First mover and technology leader in the blockchain space for visual work marketplaces
  • Award winning startup with reputable backing cooperation partners
  • Photochain charges 5-15% commission, their most popular competitor charges on average 77%
  • Internal exchange to handle seamless transactions in Fiat to drive mass adoption

Photochain is a role model in combining serious business planning, credibility and real innovation. As this is the final sale phase with a duration of 22 days, don’t miss out and be part of the Photochain success story in rewriting the rules for monetizing images.

Make sure to check their Medium page for big upcoming announcements and to join their Telegram channel to not miss out on the action!

Finally, to put the icing on the cake: Photochain have agreed to a 15% discount on TDS token participations!