Today the cryptocurrency market is growing at an unprecedented rate

Aug 9, 2018

Today the cryptocurrency market is growing at an unprecedented rate. In 2017 the market cap exceeded $ 500 billion, and this year experts predict that it may hit the $ 1 trillion level.

At the same time, the crypto industry is still relatively young and immature — it lacks a well-established infrastructure similar to the one that has long characterized the classical financial market.

At Zichain, our focus is set precisely on this problem and taking a leading role in creating a cryptocurrency asset management industry, that combines best practices of the traditional financial solutions with innovative blockchain technologies.

Zichain is currently working on delivering four major products:

− BAMP — an investment platform for creating funds and managing crypto assets;
− The Index.Fund — a range of cryptocurrency index funds;
− CryptoEYE — a multilingual news and market data provider;
− ZiChange — a licensed crypto-fiat broker.

Each Zichain product is autonomous and can operate independently. Still, all of them are strongly tied to each other and together form a multifunctional ecosystem. While a client can benefit from BAMP, CryptoEYE, ZiChange and The Index.Fund separately, using them all together will be far more beneficial. Thereby, the Zichain ecosystem becomes a single entry point to the world of the crypto finance. And its centerpiece is, undeniably, BAMP.

We’ve decided to write a series of blog posts, where we will talk about how each element of the Zichain universe interacts with our asset management platform. Today’s article is focused on the BAMP and ZiChange duo.

The BAMP abbreviation stands for Blockchain Asset Management Platform, created primarily for talented traders wishing to manage their cryptocurrency portfolios, and for investors seeking a reliable way to invest their assets in the crypto market. The first category of users gets an opportunity to create investment funds almost instantly — just with a few clicks. And the fund managers can easily manage their assets using the BAMP infrastructure. This particular infrastructure makes trading simple and seamless, because it allows to purchase and trade on most exchanges through one single terminal.

Trading and exchange of cryptocurrencies become exactly the point of intersection where BAMP and ZiChange meet to become mutually beneficial.

ZiChange which offers a fast, secure and reliable purchase of cryptocurrency, can become this ‘one entry point’ for investors. In other words, if an asset manager needs to buy cryptocurrency, they do not have to research dozens of exchange services and look for the most favorable rates to purchase digital assets. All that needs to be done is just opening ZiChange.

As was previously mentioned in one of the articles, ZiChange is a crypto-fiat broker where you can buy cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin for fiat money. Thanks to the implementation of advanced order routing and execution systems, we are able to offer the best rates no matter the purchase amount. Thus, it perfectly suits not only traders but also the large institutional investors, including users of our BAMP platform.

As you can see, ZiChange and BAMP complement each other perfectly, creating a full-fledged infrastructure for the purchase of cryptocurrency and its management. Thus, Zichain becomes a real gateway to the world of crypto investment. It’s made for everyone and created for you.