Things are Getting Real / T-15 days

Jan 17, 2018

Dear Community, I would like to use the opportunity to share some amazing, and also some very important news with you. As you know, we’re only 15 days away from our worldwide wysker app launch. Everything is up and running and we’re getting ready for the big day. Here’s a list of things we’d like to share with you. Enjoy the news.

(1) Find Us on Product Hunt: As of today, the wysker app is listed on product hunt through it’s new ship feature. We chose this channel to attract early adopters and to invite product hunters from around the world. For the pre-launch we’ve also created a new demo video that you can find below. You can give us some love by subscribing on our page or by sharing the link with your friends:

(2) Token Integration: We’re one of the few ICOs that have developed a product that launches during the ICO. On top, we went a step further and will integrate our wys token from day one. Users can earn wys tokens for downloading, using, and sharing the wysker app. Redemption will be available later in the year as previously announced. For that, we’ve redesigned the experience to perfectly combine elements of gamification with our unique discovery shopping experience. You can find a sneak preview below.

(3) New Token Design: To make the wys token work as an in-app experience, the icon has now evolved into a more user friendly good. The triangular core design is still the same, representing the connection between users, retailers, and advertisers. We all hope you all like the new design which is also updated on all ICO listings and on See it in action below.

(4) One More Thing, Our Hardcap: Back in 2017, we were impacted by the parity wallet issue. As a result, we had to restart our ICO but kept adjustments to the bare minimum. However, the rising price of ETH increased our cap to a whooping $100m which was not our goal in the first place. Confirmed by the thoughts from our community, we came to the conclusion that we now need to adjust our hardcap. As a result, today we announce that our hardcap is reduced to 12k ETH.

Also, today is my 35th birthday and I couldn’t be more happy with everything we’ve all accomplished so far. The wysker app is coming together beautifully and with our token being a central part of it, it feels like another big milestone has been achieved.

Thank you all for being a part and for making this project happen. We keep on delivering to make wysker the future of mobile shopping and to reward users for their valuable consumer data.

Best from Berlin,

Tobias Haag, Founder & CEO