The Listing Pressure After ICO Completion

Oct 12, 2018

Every company that achieves ICO enter in the delivery phase. The community will be on your way to get you started! our share is to explain why First of all concerning FLASHMONI project early in this year we mentioned the fact that we were willing to deploy our solution using a new technology that we have tested since December 2017 (EOS protocol) dedicate blockchain for our solution who is a very complex solution (you will find it here). While we are approaching the implementation of a positive sign to the community, etc …

We came up with a solution where we should be able to handle Flashremitt and FlashAdchain solution. All new technology is very promissing but we at FLASHMONI will never drop a branch when we are not 100% secure.
It’s not just a matter of getting listed fast!

A little explanation to the community can be done in order to understand the process of listing and why it is not a good thing.
Usually those are the steps after a listing:
1-A period after the listing
2-The price continuously falling
3-lack of trading volume
4-Cease of the project
Building a market value management strategy enables us to enhance the liquidity of our token and even if our token is an asset back somehow (the utility token OZT) the market will establish the relative value of our token.
In our project
1OZT = 1/20 OZG = 0.137 $ (whitepaper)
So the core value is $ 0.13
A good market value management will bring liquidity and true valuation of the token.
It is true that ICO and the size of the community have a real impact on the market pricing but it should be driven by the market valuation management in order to maximize the use of resources, build a strong community and bring liquidity on the market.

There is a different stage during the establishment of our solution, to have a successful MVM
1-Before the listing
2-Short-term after listing
3-Middle term after listing
3-Long-term after listing

MVM makes it easier to focus on the business and profitability.
So, it is important to keep in mind that it is important to keep in mind that it is important to keep it in mind.
We have a utility token to powered FLASHMONI system from the Hardware side with FLASH CRYPTOSTATION and OZTCARD and from software with Daps (Flashwallet, FlashAdchain, FlashRemitt, FlashGo …)
So be patient, Most of blockchain companies are running a marathon not a 100 sprint …