Terms of use

General terms

By using TokenDesk website and services you are agreeing to all terms & conditions.

All ICOs that are or will be listed on TokenDesk web platform are subject to their own founders and team effort to ensuring secure, reliable and transparent processes in all ways. TokenDesk is in no way affiliated with any of these ICOs and acts only as broker and an advertising channel spreading the information.

Being only an intermediary, TokenDesk bears no responsibility of any loss of funds or other resources which arise with any of listed ICO.

It might include but not be limited to: inability to deliver promises, technical/protocol issues, legal issues, loss of funds due to technical issue or fraud, theft of funds, distribution issues, delays, insolvency, false information, regulatory issues with ICO or otherwise.

Transaction Limits

In order to reduce all risks to TokenDesk or its users, we reserve the right to establish individual or aggregated transaction limits on the deposit size, quantity of deposits made during specified time. In addition, there might be storage, conversion, deposit or other limits applied if TokenDesk deem it necessary.

Provided services

TokenDesk (www.tokendesk.io) is a provider of the services listed below:

Web user experience;
ICO publishing service;
Advertising services (on the TokenDesk platform);
Brokerage services for purchasing ICO tokens;

There will be special functions added along the lifetime of TokenDesk platform. The content available on TokenDesk platform will also be a subject to constant change. All previously mentioned services will be further called “TokenDesk Services”.

All visitors and registered members of www.tokendesk.io website agree to comply with the terms of use of User Agreement supplied by TokenDesk.

TokenDesk reserves all rights to modify and change the terms of use described in this document. In the case of change of any aspect of this agreement, all members of TokenDesk will be notified. All changes and modifications will take effect immediately upon posting the revisions on TokenDesk website.

Continuation of use of TokenDesk services acts as acceptance of all changes of terms. In case you do not agree with any of terms of use that is stated, you must delete your personal files and information or account.

Boundaries of responsibility

TokenDesk accepts all major digital currencies as a mean of participation in all ICO pre-sale and post-sale offerings.

TokenDesk bears no responsibility for any funds that get delayed due to the need to convert them from one digital currency to another using third party currency exchange.

TokenDesk will not be deemed responsible for any loss or error of ICO tokens. Any technical issues, customer negligence in protecting their login information, private keys or any other information that could be associated or used to access the digital wallet and funds, will not be within boundaries of TokenDesk responsibility.


When using services provided by TokenDesk,  users are subject to abide by the law of the United Kingdom and its relevant laws and regulations, including but not limited to the “Constitution of the United Kingdom”, Contract Law of United Kingdom, Telecom Regulations of United Kingdom, Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Service, Provisions on the Management of Internet Electronic Bulletin Service, Law of the United Kingdom on Keeping Confidentiality of State Secrets, Decisions of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on Maintaining the Security of the Internet, Regulations of the United Kingdom on the Safety Protection of Computer Information Systems, Safety Protection Measures for the Administration of International Networking of Computer Information Network, United Kingdom Copyright Law and Its Implementation Regulations, Measures for the Administrative Protection of Internet Copyright. Only when the user agrees to comply with all relevant laws, regulations and this agreement, the user shall have the right to use the TokenDesk service (Regardless of whether the user intends to access or use this service). Please read this Agreement carefully and keep it properly.

Account information

All information provided by you must be accurate, current and complete when creating user account on TokenDesk website. You must maintain changes of this information to keep it current at all times. In case of untrue or inaccurate registration information, you must take all responsibility of all the activities that may occur due to the formed deviations from facts.

You personal account and the password you create are intended for individual use only. They cannot be transferred and must not be shared in any way. TokenDesk will always help you in case of illegal use of your account caused by others in form of hacking and negligent password storing.

Privacy policy

Your privacy which consist of your registration information, personal information and other information, provided by you, is protected by UK’s law, regulations and the Privacy Policy of TokenDesk. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of this Agreement.

Upload of content

TokenDesk is not obliged to guarantee the accuracy, completeness or quality of uploaded information (text, file, image, photo, video, audio,  music or any other information that you upload, post, spread, and send (including communications by e-mail) over the TokenDesk Site). TokenDesk is not responsible for the content (including but not limited to:errors, omissions, inaccuracies or inauthenticity). We are not responsible for loss or damage derived from the content, which including the uploaded, posted and sent information (including communications by e-mail). In case TokenDesk receives a claim during the managing process, we shall have the right to stop the spread of the above mentioned content, and take the further actions. Such actions include but are not limited to pausing some users services, keeping the records, and reporting to the office.

Expected user conduct

By using TokenDesk services you must abide by the relative laws and rules of the PRC. All illegal and inappropriate activities are forbidden on the TokenDesk website. The following list describes certain activities that are not welcome, however, they are not limited to other possible variations:

  • Upload, display, post or spread information as the following by other means:
  • Be against the basic principles of the Constitution and other laws;
  • Endanger state security, leak state secrets, subverts state power or undermine national unity;
  • Damage the nation’s honor and interests;
  • Incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity;
  • Undermine the national religious policy or promote the cult and feudal superstition;
  • Spread rumors, disrupt social order, undermine social stability;
  • Obscene content, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism or crime abatement;
  • Insult or slander others, infringe upon the lawful rights of others;
  • Contain false, harmful, coercive, abusive, harassing, slandering, vulgar, obscene, or other morally objectionable content;
  • Contain contents that are prohibited by the laws of United Kingdom, regulations, rules, regulations and any legally binding restrictions or norms;
  • Misuse the network service system for any illegal purpose;
  • The following activities are not allowed on the TokenDesk Website:
  • No-one may use computer networks or network resources without getting proper prior approval;
  • No-one without prior permission may change network functions or to add or delete information;
  • No-one may delete,change or add the data that stored, processed and transmitted over the Internet without getting proper prior approval. No-one may deliberately create or transmit viruses without getting proper prior approval.
  • Other acts that endanger the safety of computer information network:
  • If users violate any of the above provisions in the use of network services, TokenDesk or the grantee have the right to require the user to correct or take all necessary measures to reduce and eliminate the negative impact of user’s behavior (including but not limited to changes, deleting the related content, suspending or terminating using TokenDesk service).
  • Users are not allowed to copy, sell, or use it for any other commercial purpose by obtaining any part or all of the information from the TokenDesk service.
  • Users are required to assume legal responsibility for their behavior in the process of using the TokenDesk services. The form of legal liabilities includes but not limited to: stop the infringement behavior, apologize to the innocent people publicly, restore their damaged reputation, and give compensations. If a user’s illegal or improper conduct causes TokenDesk to bear administrative penalty or compensation for infringement. The user should pay compensation to TokenDesk as a making up. (Not less than TokenDesk compensation to the third party) and publicly apologize to TokenDesk through the national media.

Intellectual property rights

Tokendesk bear no ownership rights to the text, files, images, photos, video, sound, music and other creative works, or any other materials (referred to as the “content”) released on the TokenDesk. After the content is published to the TokenDesk platform, the publisher of ICO (or user) shall continue to own the content and have all rights to choose how to use the content according to their needs.

TokenDesk remain to own the right to modify, copy, promote and publish all content uploaded by its users. No prior notice or separate agreements are subject to this right.

Such right will also be applied in order to use, copy, modify, rewrite, translate, adapt, issue, and create derivative works on the global scale freely, perpetually, irrevocably, non-exclusively. Or/and spread, show, display foregoing part or all of the contents or put these contents into current or future unknown media forms.

TokenDesk user statement and assurances: users bear legal rights to their content in the TokenDesk platform or through its services. Content published on TokenDesk website or services not infringe anyone’s portrait rights, privacy, copyright, trademark rights, patent rights, and other contractual rights. If the user is required to pay the license fee or other fees to any other person for the content published in the TokenDesk service or through the TokenDesk service, all of which is borne by the user.

All TokenDesk content is subject to the Copyright Law of the United Kingdom, the Trademark Law of the United Kingdom, the Patent Law of the United Kingdom, the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the United Kingdom and other relevant laws and regulations. TokenDesk owns and maintains all rights for the content and services.

Special notice for international use

By using TokenDesk services all users understand the borderless nature of international Internet, agree to abide by all the laws and regulations concerning Internet behaviors and contents. All users of TokenDesk agrees to comply with laws and regulations relating to the output information from the country or region where the user is located. TokenDesk comply with all international laws and will respond to all legal claims in accordance to relevant laws.

Expenses and payments

It does not cost to register on TokenDesk platform. However, there are many services for which TokenDesk will charge users in order to provide these services.

Certain services are subject to advance payments before they get provided to a user. Some additional services can be purchased in process of ICO publishing in order to upgrade certain aspects of it. All extra costs will be clearly indicated and will be necessary to get paid by user.

User is always responsible for paying all costs and taxes that will be generated by using the services.

All tokens are sold “as is”. Users assume the responsibility for their purchases, and no refunds will be issued.

TokenDesk bear no right to take responsibility regarding any of third parties that provide payments separately from TokenDesk platform and its services.


TokenDesk is immune from any damage that could potentially be caused by uploading, posting, sending or spreading certain content through TokenDesk service, accessing certain services, that violates agreements or infringe up others’ rights which cause any claims from third party for compensation purposes. TokenDesk user agrees to indemnify its shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, brand owners or other partners the amount of compensation regarding any aspect of financial or other type of damage mentioned above.

Remarks about information storage

TokenDesk bears the right to develop and maintain measures and restrictions on the use of services including but not limiting: service will retain the user’s e-mail messages, the maximum retention period of the content posted by the user, a maximum number that a user account can receive and send, the size of a single message that can be received or sent by a user account, the maximum disk space allocated by the TokenDesk server for a user.

TokenDesk is not responsible for any information that might be deleted during certain period of time and is recognized as unnecessary for further use on TokenDesk website. Users agree that TokenDesk bear the right to delete their accounts if they fail to use it for period of a calendar year or longer. TokenDesk will judge such action individually evaluating the accounts and will decide on its own to whether proceed to any of restrictions.

Revision of the services

TokenDesk will be modifying and updating their services on temporary or permanent basis all the time. Such business processes are solely subjected to improving TokenDesk service quality and no liability to users and third party can be applied for any changes.

In order to continue to have your information as you post it on TokenDesk platform, please generate your own backup files with such information. TokenDesk is not liable to saving this data permanently and will not take any responsibility for the loss or damage of such information.

Termination of services

TokenDesk bear the right to unilaterally judge and decide whether any violation of the terms of the user agreement were made by users. In such cases, TokenDesk might terminate certain services or the whole account of users without prior notice.

TokenDesk can remove or delete any contents that will be judged to be violating User Agreement or international laws.

TokenDesk bear the right to discontinue any part of the website on temporary or permanent basis.

Advertising affairs

All commercial activities and promotions over TokenDesk website will be provided by ICO publishers, advertisers and some of other third parties. TokenDesk is not responsible for any agreements, terms, guarantees or statements made between users and advertisers over the TokenDesk platform. It only serve as a source of information, provided by those third parties and cannot take responsibility for their true intentions, fails or inaccuracies.

Third party links

TokenDesk take no responsibility for any ads or other content provided to our website by a third party. Any information or links to other sites, products, advertisements, services, commodities or other are not subject to TokenDesk responsibility and will not be considered as such.

Exclusive rights of TokenDesk

TokenDesk users must understand and agree that all services and related software used may contain proprietary confidential information protected by intellectual property rights and relevant international laws. Users also understand and agree that the content of the third party sponsored advertisements or information presented to users over TokenDesk website, services or advertisers may also be protected by copyright, trademarks, patents and other relevant laws. Users must not modify, share, sell or spread any part of service, software or produce derivative products without written authorisation and separate agreement from TokenDesk.

All mentioned objects (but not limiting) are not to be copied, modified or created as derived works by deciphering and other ways of duplication.

Users of TokenDesk cannot guarantee or otherwise shift rights concerning our services to any third party. Any such derived product (or combination of products such as co-development of certain software units) can only be agreed upon with a separately signed agreement bearing all necessary descriptions of that derived product functionality and purpose.


TokenDesk users should bear the consequences for their use of our services. All deliberate property (physical or otherwise) damage, personal injury or other wrongdoings will be exempt from TokenDesk responsibility.

TokenDesk does not provide any explicit or implied warranty for our services, including but not limiting the commercial applicability for a specific purpose and guaranteeing not to infringe the rights of others in such case.

The following events cannot be guaranteed by TokenDesk:

  • All services will meet your requirements;
  • All services provided will be 100% undisturbed, current, safe, reliable and accurate;
  • All services provided will be 100% accurate and reliable;
  • TokenDesk makes no representation that any projects, services or other information will meet users’ expectations, however, all issues will be corrected as soon as possible;
  • You should take all responsibility for the materials downloaded over TokenDesk website, especially if it comes from third party and their web sources (external links, etc.). All responsibility for the damaged computer system and the data loss which is caused by any of such downloads falls solely under Your responsibility;
  • All decisions that involve investing in certain assets of third party ICO publishers are subject to your personal risk and responsibility. In no circumstances TokenDesk would be responsible for your financial decisions.

Liability and limitations

Under no circumstances TokenDesk and its shareholders, founders, officers, directors, agents, affiliates, parent company, affiliates and employees shall bear legal responsibilities in an explicit or implied manner for any direct or indirect losses caused by the users in the use of service, including but not limited to loss of funds, loss of profits, loss of business interruption, etc.,

TokenDesk party does not guarantee the authenticity of the content of the website, the adequacy, timeliness, reliability, integrity and validity, and is exempt from any resulting legal liability.

TokenDesk cannot guarantee and has no obligation to guarantee the authenticity and validity of the information on the third party website. You should use the third party website in accordance with the service agreement of the third party website, not with the agreement. The content, products, advertising, and any other information on the third party website shall be judged by you and have nothing to do with TokenDesk.

All risk that you take is solely your responsibility.

In case of equipment or system from TokenDesk or involving the third party is found with defects, hacker attacks, network failures, power outages, computer viruses or other force majeure factors, and losses thus were caused, TokenDesk shall not be held responsible for compensation. Your remedy can only be to terminate this Agreement after negotiating with TokenDesk and stop using TokenDesk. However, UK’s existing laws and regulations prevail all.

You shall promise to use TokenDesk services and website content in a legal way. You must not engage in the act of infringing upon the lawful rights and interests of others via this service and any acts in violation of the laws of United Kingdom, regulations, rules and regulatory documents or any unauthorized acts via TokenDesk, such as unauthorized access to the TokenDesk undisclosed system, improper use of the account password and any content of the site.

You may not use the services provided by TokenDesk or other email forwarding services to send spams or other content that may violate this agreement.

TokenDesk will monitor website content to prevent wrongdoings and misleading information. However, it must be understood that we do not guarantee 100% accuracy and relevance.

User acknowledges and agrees that TokenDesk has the right to disclose, modify or delete the necessary information from time to time in accordance with laws, regulations, and government requirements in order to better operate TokenDesk and protect their own and other legitimate users.

The copyright of all content in TokenDesk belongs to the TokenDesk, including but not limiting to text, design, source code, data, software, pictures, design solutions, photos and all other information (hereinafter referred to as the “content”).

The content of the website is protected by the Copyright Law of United Kingdom and the International Copyright Convention.

Without the prior written consent of TokenDesk, you are not to copy, imitate, spread, publish, or display website content, including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, and video ways and forms.

User acknowledges that the content of the site is TokenDesk’s property. Without the written consent of TokenDesk, none of the users are allowed to mirror any of the information contained in the TokenDesk to any other website, servers or other channel of information. Any unauthorized uses of the content are illegal, you shall be held accountable for illegal behavior.

If you violate this agreement or any laws, regulations or infringe on the rights of a third party, which causes the third party to make a claim or lawsuit for compensation, TokenDesk shall have the right to recourse the related loss, including but not limited to TokenDesk legal costs, loss of reputation, and compensation for a third party.

General terms and conditions

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the user and TokenDesk formally, and is used to regulate the behavior of the users. On the basis of abiding by this agreement, when using the content or software provided by the third party, the user shall also comply with the related additional terms and conditions regarding to such services, content, software.

This agreement as well as the relationship between the user and TokenDesk is subject to the laws of the United Kingdom.

In case of any legal disagreements with the TokenDesk service, the agreement or other matters, these conflicts should be resolved through friendly consultations. If consultation fails, it should be filed to the relevant institutions.

If TokenDesk does not exercise or enforce any rights set and granted by this agreement, it does not constitute the waiver of such right.

Any of the provisions of the agreement is invalid if in conflicts with the laws of the United Kingdom. However, the validity of other provisions shall not be affected.

The title of this agreement is only for easy reading. If contradictions exist in the content of the agreement, the agreement shall prevail.


In case of noticing any violation of terms, conditions, laws or otherwise, please inform TokenDesk team immediately.