Small Potato Cost McDonald’s Millions of Dollars

Nov 9, 2018

World fast food chains have huge problems no one could ever expect. This year, potatoes grew smaller than usual, which has logically lead to smaller pieces of french fries in McDonald’s and other restaurants.

No kidding, this has become an exceptional financial loss for the fast food companies. The main issue is that the chains had to readjust the equipment all over the world, which cost businesses a huge amount of money.

“When the fries don’t meet our specifications, it affects the special tools in our restaurant kitchens that measure, position and fry our fries. The equipment has been carefully adjusted to the specifications we pass on to our suppliers,” said Eunice Koekkoek of McDonald’s Netherlands.

Moreover, consumers are not satisfied with such a small size. “Our guests won’t be used to our shorter fries, but we can’t do anything about this. It doesn’t mean our portions will consist of fewer grams, length will just be different. We informed our workers in our restaurants about this, and when guests have questions about our products, they’ll be answered on our social media channels,” McDonald’s says in a statement.

Such problems also spoil the relationship with food suppliers. “This extreme situation is discussed with them as well. The suppliers talk about it with their growers. We understand the dry weather had consequences for the entire potato production, and that this has resulted in an operational challenge,” Koekkoek explains.

All these problems could have never appeared unless potato producers use organic fertilizers like Nagri-HL. It tremendously stimulates plants growth and increases its size. Using Nagri-HL is undoubtedly cheaper, healthier, and more efficient than changing restaurant equipment all over the world. And, which is the most important, the consumers would be satisfied.