Our Recommended February ICO

Feb 11, 2018

We’re always keeping an eye out for the under-the-radar up and coming tokens… through a
committee of experts, tons of “deep reading” and investigative work, we’re aiming to quantify the
factors of success and report on some of the best projects.

This month, AttentionNetwork.io is that project – let’s jump right in to it – here are the main pluses
for this project:

– Old school, reliable smart-contract based token sale.
– Eric Huang (BlockCAT) on the advisory board!
– Committed partnerships will produce early demand for the token.
– Similar projects have skyrocketed.
Real hype dealmaking: partners include household brands and top 3 ad agencies!
– Great market cap opportunity, “under the radar” project, easy for lots of buyers to get in.

They’ve taken an “old school” approach to the token sale — just send in ETH and get back
ATTN — all managed by a smart contract, so you don’t have to trust any centralized entities or
reveal any information about yourself. Refreshing, alongside all the new complexity to
participate in a token sale.

With Eric Huang (BlockCAT) and other strong advisors on their board, it is unquestionable that
they’re well poised to be a powerhouse with the software they build; they’ve captured former
CEOs and well-connected partnership developers. This is one of the strongest teams we’ve
seen for actual day-to-day operations: committing partners, building the product and really
escalating the interest.

All the competition in the blockchain ad tech space has skyrocketed. With ATTN token’s
favorable caps, commitment to simplicity and transparency in their token sale and their real
clear path to getting users onboard and needing the token, we’re super excited about the
potential for this one as well.

Our research finds a dozen or so whales committed to really work on pumping the project, but
there’s room for everyone. Keith Wareing recently calculated an expected 40x return from the
ATTN token.

Their crowdsale goes from February 15th till either mid April or when it is all sold out, but we
recommend you get in early to take advantage of the generous bonuses.