Q & A Session With Jonathan Chou x Bee Token CEO/Co-Founder

Jan 8, 2018

San Francisco, CA
January 7th, 2018

We would like to do a spotlight on Jonathan Chou, CEO/Co-founder of the Bee Token. Here are some fun things you may not know about Jon!

What made you want to start the Bee Token?

I had the right ingredients for The Bee Token: an innovative business model, a stellar product and engineering team, and timing-wise, growing widespread adoption of cryptocurrency.

How did you meet the other co-founders of Bee Token?

When I had the business model in hand, I reached out to the best people in my Silicon Valley network to gauge their interest in joining the company. To my surprise, the guys (and girl) I reached out to about the project all said yes.

What made you want to work with the other co-founders of Bee Token?

All my co-founders were my first choices. The only other factor was bringing the team together and having the right balance of expertise in different areas that could create positive work synergies- because that’s crucial for a startup.

What is the normal workday like for you?

First thing I do waking up is check my Telegram channels and email. I answer the most pressing emails before running to the office. (We have a policy where if one of us is late to work, we have to buy the other team members breakfast!) I spend the bulk of my day at the office which includes meetings, talking through strategies to give us more exposure with advisors and team members, and figuring out our priorities. At night, I revisit Telegram while getting the pulse on crypto markets.

Where do you see the Bee Token in 1 year? 3 years? 5 years?

In one year: crypto can see massive changes- think 1 dog year is like 15 human years. We will see blockchain in production. Everyone will also have heard about Bitcoin but are starting to learn more about it.

In three years: blockchain could be commoditized like when Google Cloud and AWS becoming a service and provided as a common infrastructure.

In five years: true blockchain potential will be unleashed!

What is your favorite alt coin at the moment (other than BEE?)

My top is Komodo (KMD)! Next favorite is 0x.

What do you do for fun when not working on the Bee Token?

Trading cryptos and hiding in quaint places in nature (e.g. Lake Tahoe)

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am an idea superstar (I have lots of ideas and am good at brainstorming!)

What’s the worst job you ever had? Why?

First time I had to fundraise from investors. I can never get used to asking for money.

What’s your dream car? Something shiny.

You have to plan the ultimate heist with 4 other bee token employees. Who’s the brains, muscle, getaway driver, and wildcard?

Brains and muscle would be Rob Peterson, our smart contracts engineer.

Second choice for muscle would be CTO Tony Tran since he’s ripped.

Getaway driver is Head of Growth, Min Kim though unsure if she even has a driver’s license. (Edit: she does, holla!)

Wildcard is our Lead Engineer Ali since he’s kind of an X-factor.