PRIMARY — Seamless integration with the global economy

Aug 9, 2018

PRIMARY is a decentralised application (dApp) designed to provide real world solutions through the use of a blockchain platform, and to this end it goes far beyond relying on the global ecosystem of rent24. In fact it is a marketplace open to a wide range of strategic partners, who will join the network and accept PRIMARY tokens as payment to gain access to a global, digitally adept user base.

The key role of the online community

PRIMARY will allow every online user to play a key role in building up a community where goods and in particular digital services from around the world will be accessible online.

Suppliers of skills and talents will be supported by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm developed by the PRIMARY team to ensure that each potential contributor is connected to individuals and businesses most in need of their particular services. A company which requires a freelance translator will be able to find one quickly and an entrepreneur wishing to get some help with their taxes will be able to find an accredited accountant.

However, users will not only be able to find new clients and business partners, but also leverage the community’s resources to access goods and services for their own businesses and projects. The range of possible use cases is quite vast and depends simply on the creativity and dedication of individual members.

A free market stabilised by governance mechanisms

By August 2019, the PRIMARY community will have developed a framework for future growth based on user needs. Based on a system of community voting the free market described above will drive the direction of the platform’s growth. This framework ensures that all decisions made on the platform are reached in a democratic manner.

Additionally the PRIMARY development team has created an incentive structure which will prevent rogue actors and increase the network’s Byzantine fault tolerance. Blockchain based smart contracts will ensure that users trust the incentive structure embedded into the network.

Finally PRIMARY will run without any further intervention from the development team once the application has gone through the initial phase of community building. The system will then act as a powerful multiplier solely based on the demands of the community.

Over 500 partner alliances in 2019

One of the greatest advantage of such a decentralised marketplace is that other service providers will more readily join a platform which is not owned by anyone. Over 500 new partners are expected to join by June 2019. Today the strategic partnership already includes coworking companies such as OfficePort and Innovation Warehouse as well as shops, hotels and restaurants. Token users will have special discounts, promotions and offers when using the token with third parties.

This means there will be a vast variety of options where PRY tokens will be spendable and this is where PRIMARY connects with numerous market participants of the global economy.

Expansion of the physical ecosystem

We will not only expand the partner alliance, but create additional places where tokens will be spendable with third parties.

The first Blockchain Hub will open in Berlin during October 2018. This will be followed by the launch of a beta version of the PRIMARY application in December 2018. By the end of February 2019, testing of the application will conclude following the end of the main sale. There will be one additional month for users to claim their tokens and register on the application before it goes live in April.