Pay with BITS and Get the Best Deals!

Oct 10, 2018

Good news for BITS holders! Today is a memorable day for every BITS fan all around the world!

BITS token is integrated in Bitcoinus crypto payments!

What we know about BITS token?

BITS token is a utility token with world-wide use, designed to create its holder an added value in the whole infrastructure of Bitcoinus crypto payment world.

As a merchant, BITS tokens will ensure you save an additional 0.5% of the processing fees because all transactions in BITS are FREE.

What it means for BITS token holders?

Spending BITS will make sure you get the best possible shopping deals as a customer. If you have your favorite e-shop and want to spend your BITS — NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO DO IT!

All online payments made by BITS will bring you a great advantage! Everyone who pay for goods or services by BITS will get the best deal!

Just think about how many possibilities are opening for those who have BITS!

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