Are you one of those who’s saying “OMG, why I didn’t buy bitcoin 3 years ago?

Jan 16, 2018

Are you one of those who’s saying “OMG, why I didn’t buy bitcoin 3 years ago? Or, smart as you are, you are just looking for great opportunities to invest? Whatever your case is, if you are just curious about cryptocurrencies or own some, keep reading because what we have to say is truly AWESOME!

Have you ever heard of a hardware crypto-wallet? If you are still reading this, we bet you have! Let us try again. What do you feel when you hear this: unique features, stylish technological design, ”Gorilla glass”, water-repellent silumin body, flaw-free security?..
Has your heartbeat fastened by now?
Are you ready for it?
Then here we go.
Please welcome Giza Device!

What is Giza Device and why want it?

Primarily, Giza Device is a hardware wallet. It’s a safe storage for your cryptocurrency, which supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ark, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Komodo, Ripple, Stratis, Zcash, PoSW and will support other blockchain-based currencies as well as more than 200 ERC20 tokens.
There’s more. You can use your Giza Device as a full-fledged hardware password manager that doesn’t require any extra software or mobile apps. Use it as a USB keyboard and input your keys or passwords.
Our device also supports U2F — a twostep authentification (system). Being a cornerstone of Giza security system, it allows to verificate your websites access or online accounts safely.Plus, you get a file manager as a bonus! GizaDevice has 16 GB of built-in memory. It is a reliable encrypted storage for your files. Files, security information, backups, any valuable data — save it on Giza!

Safety still comes first

The heart of Giza’s security system is a two-step authentication (system). Whatever you do, U2F always offers you two level of authentication to verify. Connected with password manager mode it allows you to feel safe anywhere.
You don’t need any specific app or software to working with Giza just browser extension (Mozilla and Chrome). Outgoing transactions must be manually confirmed on the device itself so you can even use a non-reliable computer. That also means Giza leaves no trace on PC. Even if you need to put password, you can do it from your Giza.
Remember we mentioned a built-in data storage? It’s also encrypted and protected by U2F. Nobody, except you, can use your files.
Last but not least, if your device gets stolen, be sure that multiple input of false password will destruct all the data. If your Giza device is in danger, you can erase all data by false master password or secret joystick combination. Naturally, you can restore your wallet by using your 24-words seed-phrase.

How is Giza Device different from other hardware wallets?

Now is the time to brag because, actually, Giza Device is unique by its combination of features.
There are no hardware wallets providing you with a super convenient/efficient encrypted data storage, especially as another option for your blockchain backup.
All hardware wallets were created as physical storage of your cryptocurrencies and most of them allow you to confirm your operations manually from device. But it limits you to just a ”yes/no” confirmation. With Giza you can put your passwords from the device if you don’t want to leave any trace on PC. We are talking extra-safe, huh?
Аnother bonus from Giza developers: you can use up to 3 accounts on your device.

Money talk

Giza Device is on Pre-TDE stage now, Its Mass Production will start in December 2018, which means that you haven’t YET missed the Giza train (AKA a great opportunity to invest). Each token is a part of GIZA Software License, which can be sold. As a matter of fact, the cost of software is 80% of Giza Device.
In January, during Pre-TDE, tokens will be sold for $0,2–0,3. These funds will be aimed at finishing development and testing the hardware, mobile app and browser extension.
In October 2018, during the main TDE, tokens will be available from $0,6 to $1. The raised money will be used for mass production and marketing campaign.

Quick update: our pre-TDE will last till February 6th!

Friendly advice

Since you made it to the “call to action” part (with your heart still beating rapidly), we know you are hooked. It’s ok to admit it — we did months ago! We love Giza for being a perfect combination of unique qualities: cryptocurrency wallet, password manager, u2f authentication system, encrypted data storage, let alone a sexy 9 cm long water-resistant body.Who WOULDN’T want it?
It is a rising star and you have a chance to see it and own at least some of it.
Do you still need any calls to action? Come and get it!