“Why New Royals is the future of luxury?” – Stephano Brasini

Mar 9, 2018

Luxury — a state of great comfort or elegance.

Since I was a child, I have always loved luxury. I have worked in the luxury industry in Milan for more than 15years. We have two common challenges;

First, it is well known that luxury retailers charge too much on commissions. I had planned to launch my own retail business to cut down commission rates in the industry before I was introduced to Blockchain technology by my friend, Brandon Waiters! We developed the idea together. We pitched our idea to my mentor, François-Henri Pinault of Kering SA. We gathered initial investors like Kering SA and Maserati. Thus, New Royals Gold (NRG) was born!

NRG will enable a platform where luxury products will be sold at 0–1% commission with safe, fast and secure payment cutting bank fees and other fiat inadequacies. NRG is our official token and would carry the same prestige as our brand name therefore it was designed to be in high demand and limited supply.

The second major challenge is that the luxury industry lacks the level of customization and innovation required to connect with newly affluent individuals. This is a major advantage for the New Royals team made up of creative individuals who are ready to redefine luxury to respond to the millenials mindset.

At New Royals, we are ready to build wonderful luxury experiences for the newly affluent with captivating innovations and 100% originality. This will attract wealthy investors into the luxury and crypto markets.

Despite these challenges, the luxury market still grew by 5% to an estimated €1.2 trillion globally in 2017. This is an untapped economy by the Blockchain industry. We estimate that the luxury market will grow exponentially when these problems are solved. NRG will be publicly available and traded in exchanges making it possible for everyone to grow with us.