Native Video Box: reinventing content discovery

Dec 15, 2017

Native Video Box (NVB) is next-generation decentralised video distribution platform, based on cutting edge modern technologies of multi-tier blockchain and deep machine learning.

NVB ecosystem is different from YouTube like cryptocurrencies differ from traditional banking system. The Russian-based startup has created the service that meets the old pains of advertisers, publishers and video content creators at the same time. They believe it will disrupt the industry and has potential to change to future of video advertising.


Transparency! Transparency! Transparency!


NVB is focused on programmatic video advertising with native eco approach. Nowadays typical digital video ad platform is literally black box so NVB was created to be all the way transparent from scratch.

1. Ad fraud vs NVB multi-tier blockchain

Fraud wastes up to 50% budgets of video advertising due to the lack of transparency. Processing all the clicks and impressions flow via blockchain is the solution. But the ordinary blockchain can’t possibly handle workload (like 30-100k requests per second) that Adtech requires. Native Video Box is going to implement special multi-tier blockchain technology to make all the advertising process 100% straight.

2. Tokenized transparent revenue share

There is a crowd of middlemen in supply chain who opaquely take up to 70% of advertisers money before they reach publisher or video content creator. Tokenized revenue share mechanics is an answer: NVB tokens are the currency of the service. Smart contract grants transparent billing: 60% of any token spent by advertiser goes to owner of website where the impression was made, 15% – to owner of content on which the impression was made, 25% – to NVB system as a service fee to cover the tech costs.

3. Transparent business – in the same boat with tokenholders

But Native Video Box bring out even more transparency than revenue and impressions levels. Any company, launching ICO must be transparent by design and fully token oriented. Instead of it significant part of the revenue spent for growth of capitalization and dividends, NVB focuses on tokens benefits growth. NVB does not distribute dividends to shareholders; instead all revenues are distributed between participants of the ecosystem.

NVB team have no way to gain the money but the token benefits growth.


Decentralized. Truly decentralized.


Video content delivery is overpriced. That’s why other digital video platforms keep most of the money to their own.

Native Video Box has created decentralized content delivery network, maintained by community, so they can afford their service cost down to 25% of revenue instead of spending lots of money on Video Content Delivery Networks. Publishers can host the videos, being the part of NVB video cloud storage. They are being paid by the tokens and NVB just processes the video metadata.


Why NVB? The advantages


1. Advertisers

Video ad industry suffers from lack of high quality inventory, which is affordable and grants large reach and high involvement at the same time. NVB has created the brand new in-stream inventory that meet these needs. NVB spreads their ads over the global video recommendation system – like a global billboard network of digital era. This network magnetically attracts the advertisers with licensed video content and 100% brand safe environment, high-impact ad formats that grants high involvement (%90+ of complete views) and 100% conscious clicks grants excellent post-click (2x less bounce rate).

2. Content creators.

Video content creators like video bloggers supposed to create nice videos and be paid for it. But it’s hard and costly for them to spread those videos over the global audience with services like Ironsrc, Virool or Viboom. NVB aims at changing the game: it spreads their content and pays them at the same time. 2х times more than YouTube does.

3. Publishers

Large percent of publishers, who do not have any significant video content at their websites would love to access the pie of in-stream video advertising. That really huge and fast growing pie, with its enormous eCPM.

NVB provides them with turnkey solution to take their piece, with all the necessary stuff included. Video recommendation system powered by machine learning makes each and every page enhanced with first-class relevant video content. Native format seamlessly fits into a webpage to please their visitors. And of course, programmatically based advertising engine grants up to 100% sell-out and awesome earnings.

Native Video Box is a platform and team that fuses together digital advertising legacy, modern approach and cutting edge technologies into the new era TV.