What are the main features of ZoneX eSports platform?

Mar 6, 2018

Holding international online eSport tournaments in 50 game disciplines with 220 various formats on PC, PS4 and X-BOX.

ZoneX is an opportunity to create a professional cyberathlete career, earn money by playing your favorite games and a chance to sign contract with a professional eSport team. You don’t even have to leave your house.


Each cyberathlete has his own profile on the platform, which is basically used as an online mini office. A cyberathlete can use his profile to:

– Tell about himself in a short bio;

– Check the tournament participation statistics;

– Sell his own brand goods, merchandise, app skins, advertising products;

– Upload videos and streams;

– Get donations from fans and spectators;

– Interact with other cyberathletes;

– Get invited to teams;

– Challenge other cyberathletes and teams;

– Publish news;

– Run advertisements.

In other words, the whole functionality of the platform lets a cyberathlete monetize his career as a media personality and not only as a gamer participating in tournaments.


As for the tournaments, the cyberathletes will have plenty of opportunities to earn money there.

50 game disciplines in 220 various formats on PC, PS4 and XX-BOX. A separate tournament for each game discipline, each format and each game console. For example:

– CS:GO Rating Tournament in 5×5 format;

– CS:GO Rating Tournament in 4×4 format;

– CS:GO Rating Tournament in 3×3 format;

– CS:GO Rating Tournament in 2×2 format;

– CS:GO Rating Tournament in 1×1 format.

Moreover, the tournament series will be different.

We will hold rating, sponsored, elimination, weekly and VIP tournaments. Tournaments with entry fee and the free ones. There will be no tournaments where the winners do not receive anything. It makes no sense to hold such tournaments. All the tournament stages will be held at different time. For example if you fail the Rating tournament you still have time to join a Weekly or a Sponsored tournament. In any format. We are trying to make the tournament system as flexible as possible for the players never to worry if they lost one of the tournaments or missed it, because they could always enter the other one. This eliminates any downtime and gives the players a chance to earn money, increase their rating and get them a step closer to the day when they sign contract with a professional eSport team.


Anyone can become a judge on the platform. The work is remote; payment is significant and depends only on the amount of games judged. The higher the rating and the reputation of the judges are the more high-profile and expensive games are going to be offered to them.

The judge shall be responsible for the following:

– Supervision over the game server (if the server is provided by the platform);

– Recording/streaming of the game;

– Supervision over the cyberathletes’ compliance with the rules of the game;

– Notification of the platform administration of any types of violations;

– Making a decision on the results of the game and logging this result.

In fact the cyberathletes will be able to volunteer to judge the games of other cyberathletes. It provides additional gain and helps the cyberathletes fight cheating themselves. The judges will be chosen randomly in order to avoid appointing a judge that would act for the benefit of one of the teams.

A contract with a professional team

In 2019 we will start selecting talented and promising cyberathletes for professional teams, created on the basis of the ZoneX Team platform. Moreover, we are already negotiating with several cyberathlete teams that cyberathletes will have a chance to sign a contract with.

This is only a part of all the opportunities and functions that will be created and introduced by the ZoneX platform.