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Legal information for Ice Rock Mining

Legal Notice

This White Paper provides information on the Ice Rock Mining project (hereinafter referred to as IRM) to potential token holders in connection with the forthcoming initial offering of its tokens. The information in this White Paper is not exhaustive and does not imply contractual obligations.

This White Paper presents the most important information to potential token holders so that they become familiar with the essence of the IRM project and the primary proposal of ROCK2 tokens for possible acquisition.

No sections of this White Paper can be considered or interpreted as a prospectus or investment offer of any kind, and this initial offer of tokens is not an offer to sell or buy securities in any jurisdiction. This White Paper is prepared without regard to any legislation of any jurisdiction that relates to the protection of investors and such is not regulated.

Some of the statements, financial indicators and calculations presented in this White Paper are forward-looking preliminary information. They can and do depend on unknown risk factors and uncertainties, as a result of which actual circumstances and results may differ significantly from the belowmentioned calculations and results, directly or indirectly provided for by such preliminary forward-looking statements.

This White Paper is a translation into Russian of the original White Paper, compiled in English, which is the main official source of information on the primary proposal of ROCK2 tokens. The English version of the White Paper is available at: icerockmining.io/ico. In addition to the Russian version, the original version of the White Paper can be translated into other languages for the convenience of investors. There is a possibility that during the translation some of the information in the original version of the White Paper could be lost, distorted or misinterpreted. In any case, in the event of any discrepancies between the Russian version (or the version in another language) and the official version of the White Paper in English, the English version prevails.