Join the Future

Jan 12, 2018

Do you remember dotcom epoche? Have your parents ever told you, that they regret not investing in Apple?

Today Apple Company pays generous dividends. In fact the investors who have been faithful to Apple for 10 years could get even higher returns: their investments grew 13.58 times. In 2017 Apple’s dividends became the largest not only in the history of the company, but in the global stock market. If you were not stingy and invested $ 90 thousand, today you would receive more than $ 1.2 million!

By September 2017 Apple’s market value had grown to $ 840 billion (over the past five years, growth was more than 500%).

The impressive figures, aren’t they?

And remember now, that initially this company was not taken seriously because it was perceived as one of the hundreds of startups that were going on at that time. Many people did not believe in its success, they urged not to invest there. But the rest who believed them have benefited and are now happy that they made the right move in their life.

It’s obvious, that blockchain revolution hype is close to the dotcoms one. Isn’t it the right time to contribute in something not just to earn a few dollars, but to be honored to say to your children, that you’ve supported an important and influential company, which has changed the world for the best?

If you are seriously thinking about contribution, pay your attention to this perspective project — GIZA DEVICE.

The idea of GIZA project is successful and understandable for everyone, compact and realizable. A token is naturally in demand within the framework of this product. Pastilda, a working prototype, is the evidence that GIZAdevelopers create their ideas swiftly and are ready to offer the world a new useful device that it needs.

Giza team, like Apple team, has a special advantage — go ahead and move all the progress forward! They’re young, ambitious and talented and working on a product, which will be an essential part of each human’s pocket in the future.

So why not to join their dream run?

All new projects need for contribution of funds. In this case, the money are needed to develop and release GIZA device for sale. Recently, there has been a tendency to attract investment through the blockchain system. This is done with creation of digital tokens.

GIZA (token) — is an ERC 20 token, which represents a unit of value of software license. Each holder of GIZA token may express the intention to lease his/her license right to the future GIZA Device users and be entitled to the income of the company in accordance with his/her tokens percentage. As a result the market price of GIZA token will grow progressively as the income of the company.

The cost of software license is 80% out of total cost of each GIZA Device. This is how 80% of the company’s profit will be distributed among GIZA token holders. Property rights will be for the token holder and he can lease a license through Giza Device Ltd company. The license is attached to a token, if a buyer sells tokens to someone, he will sell licenses too.

Tokenizing procedure:

1. The crowd-sale will last until 8 February 2018. The GIZA Token Distribution will aim to raise $3 mln during Pre-TDE (hard cap). This amount will be spent on the GIZA Device development, which is going to be finished within 6 months starting from the date of Token Launch.

2. October 2018 is Main Token Distribution event. All the funds raised during the TDE will be spent on the launch of Mass Production.

It’s obvious that the company will launch Giza Device in mass production in 2018. Due to the fact that their strategy involves a large marketing campaign with the launch of mass production simultaneously, Giza Device Ltd will reach a profitability level of about 20% by 2019 and tokens holders will be able to receive 80% of the company’s profits. Since the GIZA tokens represent the ownership of the software for Giza Device, therefore they provide the opportunity for the token holder to make profits from the sale.

According to Forbes, the development of cryptocurrency will attract a large number of venture investments in 2018. This indicates that it will spread throughout the world with even more rapidity. It will be convenient to pay off bitcoins everywhere, without having a computer at hands.

All of us simply need a device for storing cryptocurrency and paying for our purchases. A secure GIZA wallet will become an assistant in this. The world has long needed such a device.

I would like my readers to live a “blockchain revolution” that after the passage of years, they do not regret the loss of opportunity to earn good money, like failed investors of Amazon, Apple, SpaceX and large companies.