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About Wikibits

Wikibits is a revolutionary concept, maximizing the application of knowledge to the real world by attracting users to services while minimizing the burden of information fatigue. We expect the increasing number of users and the level of their interactions will contribute to a flourishing Wikibits economy. Our platform is a BLOCKCHAIN-BASED, SOLUTION-DRIVEN WIKI that is a combination of the best features of Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers and Quora. We aim to provide the best solution or answers to everyday issues from data quantified by community inputs. ‍ The users' valuable contributions will be directly rewarded with our WIKI tokens. We will then directly link the users to relevant products/services nearby or online. Our international team is composed of dedicated individuals who have had experience in multiple global fortune 500 companies with background in software development, finance, marketing and data analysis.



Extensive background on Wikibits: our vision, plan and business.

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United States


  • 2017 August
    Wikibits development starts
  • 2018 February
    Wikibits ICO starts
  • 2018 May
    Wikibits Foundation
  • 2018 September
    Wikibits beta site launch
  • 2018 November
    Wikibits mobile app launch
  • 2019 January
    Wikibits site goes live

Financial distribution

40% Product development
25% Marketing
20% Operations
10% Legal
5% Wikibits Foundation


Board of directors

Warren Wang
Zasim Siddiqui
Sara Viernes-Chisler
Executive Director
Dev Panchal
Marketing Director
Gary Wu
Director of Finance


Mike Chi
Financial Advisor
Tom Fitch
Business Development Advisor
Rajesh Krishnan
Product Development Advisor
Kenny Liu
Technology and Marketing Advisor
Waseem Akram
Marketing Advisor


Walter Cheng
Senior Developer
Anand Krishnan
Senior Developer
Jay Patel
Aarif Shaikh
Nikhil Sangode
Junior Developer
Andres Mantilla-Rodriguez
Project Manager
Karissa Cottier
Scientific Development Liaison

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