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Vaultbank is creating the next generation suite of financial services, including a crypto and asset exchange platform, crypto debit cards, and an investment fund providing the main asset backing of each Vaultbank security token. Vaultbank intends to pay quarterly ethereum dividends to token holders, based on the success of Vaultbank's three main business lines.



Vaultbanc Ltd.



  • 2018 January
    Build a secured credit portfolio with the Fund; • Expand Vaultbanc Debit Card plan and capabilities, integrate Volopa Debit Cards with Vaultbanc Debit Card and extend the local fiat debit card capabilities including crypto wallets; • Hire engineers for integrating to build out cryptocurrency exchange and Debit Card features. • Test launch the Vaultbanc Debit Card Program with Volopa in the United States, in which Vaultbanc intends to open approximately fifteen thousand (15,000) to twenty thousand (20,000) cards worldwide.
  • 2018 May
    Complete the cryptocurrency exchange and include cross exchange trading capabilities, increase the tokens listed on such exchange to other ERC20 tokens, and complete seamless integration of these exchange platforms to debit cards.
  • 2018 September
    Build decentralized applications to solve for complex banking needs, like smart contracts to facilitate the payment of sales tax at point of sale terminals.
  • 2018 November
    Launch Account opening capabilities. Launch Internet Banking platform. Increased debit card functionality in additional countries. South America, Africa, North Africa.


Board of directors

Jerry Hudspeth
Board Member | Former President & CEO PFSC
Ken Kroner
Ex-CIO of BlackRock
Aaron Oliver
Board Member | Former Head of Digital Commerce MEA at Mastercard
Tony Leng
Vaultbank Board
Mike Gay
Formerly Managing Director at Bank of America Leasing | Executive Vice President & General Manager – CG Commercial Finance
CJ MacDonald
Founder of Blockchain company Gyft (acquired by First Data)
Keri Findley
Former Partner at Third Point
Tracy McWilliams
CEO of Heritage Adv Partners, LLC
David Drake
Chairman of LDJ Capital, Victoria Partners, LDJ Real Estate Group, Drake Hospitality Group and the Soho Loft Group


David Maughan
Investment Banker | Morgan Stanley | Drexel, Kidder, KPMG


Austin Trombley
President and CTO
Christopher Cummock
Managing Director
Stuart Shelly
Chief Operating Officer
John Castaldo
Managing Director
Eric Clarke
Marketing Manager
Scot Matteson
Senior Director | Co-Founding Partner of Centurion Partners
Chris Cates
VP of Technology
John Nahas
Director | Investor Relations & Business Development

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