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The mission of Unolabo is to design a global ecosystem, where self-employed people, working in a professional environment at the local and global scale, will be able to develop their skills and monetize them by selling goods and services; teaching other people. The basis for this system will be a self-executing smart contract that will conduct transactions between users, maintain a rating with decentralized storage of deals results and data of the performers' reputation, ensuring the interaction of freelancers with international private pension funds, insurance companies and credit organizations.



Unolabo Ltd,

Hong Kong


  • 2016 July
    ​PILOT​​DEVELOPMENT Prototype. Angel Investment Round. MVP. Legal structure and framework.
  • 2017 August
    ​ALPHA Alpha testing with Yandex.Money payment system. Design of a p2p platform with skills segregation & decentralized arbitration.
  • 2017 November
    ​BETA​​&​​PARTNERSHIPS.Beta testing of skillmarket platform. Design of an interaction system with international pension funds and insurance companies. Strategic partnership with Logic Ocean Solutions. Start of ICO.
  • 2018 April
    ​PRODUCT​​&​​MARKETS​​GRID End of ICO. Smart-contract & payment system based on UNLB-token. Design of rating system and loyalty partnership program MotiVa. Beta testing of mobile app. Regulatory compliance plan. Product launch in South Asian countries. Establish partnerships with pension funds, insurance and air companies.
  • 2018 September
    BUSINESS​​GROWTH Mobile application release. System of savings and allocation to funds, customizable by users. Expanse in South-East Asian countries. Business growth opportunities in Europe.

Financial distribution

65% Sale
12% Team & Founders
3% Early Backers
15% Ecosystem & MotiVa
5% Bounty & Referral


Board of directors

Timur Galiev
Iskander Galiev
CEO, Founder


Alexander Frolov
Angel Investor, Mentor
Maxim Kirilenko
Head of International Business development at SeoPult
Alexander Kovtunenko
Max Taldykin
UNLB token smart-contract Auditor
Subhodip Dutta
Founder of Logicocean
Konstantin Boyko
Expert of Banking


Grisha Fedorov
Smart-contract Developer
Sergey Sizov
Information Security
Alexander Aleshin
Sergey Esipov
Horacio Salas Novikov
Community Manager
Nicolas Cornejo
IT Business Specialist

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