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TrustedHealth is a patient-led and doctor-guided cooperative focused on life-threatening diseases. It’s goal is to source the best methodologies for delivering improved health outcomes for patients, and ensuring that these are accessible to patients all over the world. Many healthcare systems are slow and inefficient. They favour some and exclude others. There is a lack of transparency around the right specialists, the misdiagnosis rate is high, and the best medical care isn’t centralised in one place due to sub-specialisation. There is also limited physical access to some of the most proficient medical practitioners in the world. Everyone should be able to access specialist expertise, regardless of location. There are also challenges around a lack of technology, or a lack of access to technology, poor communication, lack of standardisation, and case-relevant information exchange. These issues impact on patient-to-doctor, patient-to-patient communication, the knowledge transfer between medical practitioners and better research for future treatment discoveries.




United Kingdom


  • 2016 June
    Creation of trustedoctor.
  • 2016 July
    Trustedoctor company created.
  • 2016 November
    7 patient organisations onboard & endorsement from first renowned oncologists. $575k Investment from doctors and business angels.
  • 2017 February
    European finalist of Harvard New Venture Competitions.
  • 2017 April
    First doctors, first virtual consultations on the platform.
  • 2017 September
    17 patient organisations, 50 world's leading specialists in brain cancer, 160 patients in brain cancer from 25 different countries.
  • 2017 October
    Expansion to lung and prostate cancer. Semi-finalist of Astellas prize in Oncology. Creation of TrustedHealth.
  • 2018 March
    Token generation event.

Financial distribution

50% ICO Backers
20% Company
30% Team


Board of directors

Greg Jarzabek
Founder & CEO – Founder of Trustedoctor
Philippe Schucht
Chief Medical Officer
Lukasz Rzeczkowski
Founder & Chief Development Officer
Dariusz Jastrzebski
Chief Technology Officer
Jure Pozun
Chief Marketing Officer


Philippe Schucht
Professor of Neurosurgery
Niko Klansek
Chief Business Consultant
Roger Stupp
Professor of Oncology in Northwestern Medicine
Karol Sikora
Professor of Cancer Medicine and Consultant Oncologist
Justin Stebbing
Professor of Oncology, Imperial College
Lex Sokolin
Fintech entrepreneur & futurist
Tanja Spanic
President to Europa Donna Slovenia, Breast cancer organisation
Nicolas Courtois
Senior lecturer of cryptography at University College London
Mohammad Shaheed Khan
Ameet Bakhai
Consultant Cardiologist


Peter Merc
Legal crypto council
Viktor Brajak
Blockchain specialist & developer
Denis Petrovcic
Blockchain consultant
Nina Tanhofer
Social Media & Content consultant
Mateusz Wojtas
UX & Design
Radek Kukula
Tamsin Oxford
Patient relations consultant and content creator
Fiona Chow
PR consultant
Liz Adams
PR Consultant
Tilen Kegl
Krystian Drozdzynski
Front-end & Android developer
Jakub Jasiulewicz
Senior Software Engineer
Margarida Borges
UIUX Designer
Bojan Semen
UIUX Designer

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