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We are Ecosystem for Travel Companies A de-centralized payment gateway made specifically for airlines, hotels, car rental, cruise ships, rail, online travel agencies, booking engines and channel managers. A white-labeled loyalty platform that will unify the industry, generate more revenue for suppliers and create real customer value and satisfaction. Our blockchain platform is fast, smart, secure, eco-friendly and built for the travel industry.


Travel suppliers are particularly prone to having to pay excessive transaction fees because their industry is particularly fragmented and, more often than not, require multiple cross-border transactions. It also means payments often take time to process and travel suppliers have to guarantee payments up to 45 days in advance. The only way to currently make transaction fees go down is to process more transactions and receive a bulk discount from the payment provider. The Travelkoin Platform puts an end to the complexity and cost of doing business in the travel eco-system. Payme


Stability is the most important feature of global economies to be successful. Without stability, individuals across the world could not have foreseeable costs while engaging in commerce and savings allowing them to make reasonable decisions. And with this stability and predictability and fungibility in mind, Travelkoin’s STU was designed: as an attempt to bring stability and better business planning to the world of crypto currency and to the world of travel and to all individuals who use the Travelkoin network. STUs are created by a mechanism similar to convertible notes, which are often used


Almost everyone in the travel industry use a membership rewards program to acquire and retain customers. Customers are locked into programs that offer little or no incentive to stay except for being penalized if they don't keep on racking up points. A loyalty program should be mutually beneficial and fun! The Travelkoin Platform offers a loyalty platform quite like no other. It works as well for B2C as it does for B2B. The benefits to its users are many: It can be converted to fiat currency at any time. If you have earned Travelkoin tokens, they never expire. Travelkoins are


  • 2017 April
    First Travelkoin implementation, a Singapore based online travel agency, rewards trave
  • 2017 September
    Go live The Blockchain Company launches. A joint venture by online and brick and mortar travel compa
  • 2018 February
    Travelkoin Loyalty Platform will be completely integrated with the Travelkoin Loyalty
  • 2018 April
    ICO event Travelkoin launches.
  • 2019 January
    Travelkoin Loyalty Platform The Travelkoin Loyalty Platform will be generally available for travel s
  • 2019 June
    Travelkoin Payment Gateway will be the first to use our payment gateway to make and re


Board of directors

Bjorn Harvold
Co-founder and developer
Martin Struschka
Seva Safris


Yann Gouriou
Fabian Bartnick
Core Advisory
Sam Lee
Head of Marketing
Michaglio Masiario
Head of Communications

Financial distribution

40% Development & Integration
35% Blockchain Ecosystem
15% Targeted Marketing B2B
10% Targeted marketing B2C/Bounty


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