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Tontine Trust to disrupt the $36 trillion pensions market with fully-regulated peer-to-peer tontines

Tontine Trust aims to dramatically change the world of retirement with the launch of a fully-regulated distributed ledger platform that solves the costly central guarantor problem by creating peer-to-peer tontine structures administered by an unbiased smart-actuary. The tontines are designed as no-load, low-fee products that can save members an estimated 30% of their capital in setup costs. This new design offers an expected 40%+ higher payout than an equivalent annuity product.


Board of directors

Jon Matonis
Chairman, Strategic Adviser
Joerg Platzer
Board Member, Strategic Adviser


Marcus Fuchs
Fund Manager M.D. CEE + MENA Region
Eamon Bermingham
International Pensions Investment Director


Dean McClelland
Richard Fullmer CFA
Actuarial Strategist, Asset Allocation Director
Dr Michael J Neish PhD
Quant / Programmer responsible for Product Engineering & Payout Trajectory Optimisation
Marcin Zduniak
Lead Developer Blockchain, Fintech Integrations
Leanna Wright
Strategic Communications, FinTech (eMoney & Banking) Entrepreneur, Angel Investor
Max Haran Doyle
Digital Strategy & Project Manager
Nedda kaltcheva
Technical Architect Govt. Scale Systems

Financial distribution

10% Administration
20% Development
20% Licensing
50% Marketing


The 20 largest OECD countries have a combined public pension deficit of $78 Trillion. With over 44% of men and 55% of women now expected to live into their 90s this means that most consumers will outlive their private savings by 5 years and many by at least 10 years. Current retirement income products such as life annuities are unpopular due to low returns mostly caused by the high costs charged by Insurers which act as centralized “guarantors". We propose a solution to the costly centralised guarantor problem by creating peer-to-peer tontine structures administered by an unbiased, mathematically robust smart-actuary. Tontines are a 300 year old financial innovation which successfully financed many European countries & states as well as numerous private projects such as roads, bridges and hotels. They make periodic payouts shared amongst their members for as long as they live. In later years, as the number of surviving members declines, the payout per-member rises, often dramatically.


TontineTrust Limited

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