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The Future of Home Sharing

We are a seasoned team of former employees from Google, Facebook, Uber, and Civic reimagining the sharing economy. Together, we are building Beenest and the Bee Protocols on the Ethereum blockchain.Beenest Beenest is a home sharing platform for hosts to list their homes and for guests to find accommodations. Beenest rewards users with network incentives, commission-free transactions, and security unrivaled in the home sharing industry. Bee Protocols The Bee Protocols are a set of Ethereum smart contracts providing developers the tools to rapidly launch new decentralized applications. By utilizing industry proven Bee Protocols, developers can expect faster development cycles, reduced integration costs, and an existing user base. Bee Token The Bee Token is the cryptocurrency that fuels the Beenest platform and the Bee Protocols. 0% Commissions Decentralized platform eliminates the middleman Aligned Incentives Tokens distributed through presale and ICO Security Bank-level security through Blockchain technology Trust Transparent practices with immutable feedback



The Bee Token

United States


  • 2017 October
    - Whitepaper Complete - Private Alpha on Testnet
  • 2018 April
    - Beenest Alpha Live in SF - Launch Bee Protocols on Testnet
  • 2018 September
    - Launch Bee Protocols on Mainnet - Onboard 2-5 dApps on Bee Protocol
  • 2019 June
    - Expand up to 5 US Cities - Onboard 5-10 dApps on Bee Protocol
  • 2020 August
    - Target London, Korea, Singapore - Bee Protocols = Golden standard of sharing protocols

Financial distribution

25% Company Reserve
30% Public Offering
15% Team & Advisors
30% Community Reserve


Board of directors

Jonathan Chou
Co-founder & CEO
Tony Tran
Co-founder & CTO


Richard Ma
Co-founder & CEO @Quantstamp, Former Algo Trader, Crypto Fund Manager
Kevin Zhou
Co-founder @Galois Capital, Advisor @Enigma, Former Head of Trading @Kraken, @UCBerkeley
Can Kisagun
Co-founder & CPO @Enigma, Former @McKinsey, @MIT
Yiseul Cho
Partner @Blockchain Partners Korea, @Waves, @HSBC
Anastasia Andrianova
Co-founder & Managing Director @Apiro Capital, Advisory Board, Former @Lehman


Jordan Ong
Head of Product
Ali Ayyash
Lead Engineer
Min Kim
Head of Business Development
Michael Pak
Technical Project Manager
Coco Liu
Lead Designer
David Peterson
Head of Marketing
Kevin Van
Front End Engineer
Rob Peterson
Smart Contract Engineer
Guocheng Xie
Smart Contract Engineer
Mike Stricklin
Bonnie Qin
Backend Engineer
George Perez
Toshi Masubuchi
Finance Counsel
J Cooper
Community Manager

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