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About Skychain

We present you a Skychain project. Skychain is an infrastructure blockchain project aimed to host, train and use artificial neural networks (ANNs) by market participants. First years of Skychain development will be devoted only to medicine to help doctors and patients have accurate diagnoses using this system. Skychain is a "sharing economy" project, it means that each member of the Skychain ecosystem will provide his resources and thus create a product that is ahead of any competitors. In its turn, the system will reward each participant with high benefits. Skychain is a project that will "uberize" artificial neural networks, but with developers of individual ANNs instead of taxi drivers, consumers of ANNs (doctors and patients) instead of passengers and computers and server of miners instead of cars. In the future, Skychain may be used for building, fast distributed training and further use of a wide range of neural networks not only in medicine. IBM estimates the artificial intelligence market in the sphere of medicine at $200 billion a year in a few years. The goal of Skychain is to take control over 70% of this market! The way to achieve this goal is to create the best open infrastructure that will accumulate the resources of the majority of participants of this industry and surpass any closed corporate product.






  • 2017 January
    We develop Skychain’s key algorithms and solutions, design its architecture, and consult with the key market players.
  • 2017 December
    PRE-SALE. We pre-sale our tokens at $0.5 per token.
  • 2018 February
    MVP. MAIN SALE. We publish the Skychain MVP that contains the implementation details of Skychain’s key modules: the training loop with the Data Marketplace, and the blockchain loop with the AI Marketplace.The main sale of our tokens at $1 per token goes on.
  • 2018 June
    SKYCHAIN ALFA. The Skychain infrastructure is fully built, and early participants connect to it: healthcare data providers, medical AI developers, and hospitals. The price of our token is expected to reach $2–3 at this stage.
  • 2018 December
    SKYCHAIN BETA. Dozens of new participants, including hospitals, connect to the Skychain infrastructure. There are more and more neural networks and ready-made datasets in the Skychain ecosystem. Our token is expected to continue increasing in price at this stage.
  • 2019 June
    SKYCHAIN RELEASE. All of our plans are completely realized and Skychain establishes itself as a leader in the medical AI market. Our token is expected to continue increasing in price at this stage.

Financial distribution

80% Token sale
10% Team Tokens
5% Referral Program
5% Partners & advisors


Board of directors

Gennady Popov


Sergey Shumskiy
Deep Learning Advisor
Anton Klechenov
Scientific advisor
Andrey Reznik
Business adviser
Konstantin Sablin
Medicine adviser
Maria Florenteva
Digital Healthcare Advisor
Md.Mofassair Hossain
PR and Marketing expert
Douglas Lyons
ICO Advisor/Coordinator, Consultant
Elena Kondrakhina
Medicine adviser
Tessa Little
Scientific advisor
Farid Maz
Scientific advisor
Francois Van Wyk
Medicine adviser
Michele Novi
Medicine adviser
Maxim Golikov
Medicine adviser


Ivan Svistunov
Chief technology officer
Alexander Kuzmin
Chief operating officer
Sergey Verbitskiy
Full-stack Developer
Egor Chertov
Community Manager
Dmitry Musinov
Full-stack Developer
Alexey Vushkov
Full-stack Developer

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