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Robotina ICO

For the first time in the history, opportunity, technology, as well as legal and social conditions are favourable and ready for the Robotina Platform to step onto the stage. Internet of Things, Blockchain Technology (enabling smart contracts) and Artificial intelligence bring great benefits to users and investors. Connected to the Robotina Platform, an enabling Universe, empowered people will save the electricity by using smart grids in order to save and earn money and reduce the pollution of our planet. We won’t do more, we will just do it smarter!

The Robotina Platform will be a vertical, high-tech all-inclusive enabling solution, consisting of connected Internet of Things (IoT) elements (things, processes, data, people) and the Power Platform (PP). It will use Smart Rules, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. It will be run in the cloud, available as a service. Robotina Platform and connected IoT will execute thousands of calculations per second. Each calculation will result in a small benefit and a small slice of revenue, which will accumulate every second. This will become the driving force of the business.


Robotina is a company established in 1990 and specialises in IoT Solutions to Control, Manage and Reduce Energy Costs, Energy Trade and Services. Unlike other ICO in the field Robotina already has a working product (HEMS) and over 1 million connected points worldwide. Partnerships with Microsoft, Hitachi, Panasonic and many others showcase the knowledge and expertise of over 50 employees that are Robotina.


Robotina d.o.o

OIC-Hrpelje 38, 6240 Kozina


  • 2018 July
    a.) Upgrade design - HEMS USER b.) Live for Beta users c.) HIQ - Home Tokenize the platform
  • 2018 October
    a.)Go live to the public b.) Awareness & Manual Control Implemented Strategy - self consumption c.
  • 2019 January
    a.) Prosumer functionality b.) Dynamic Tariff Analyzer - Optimizer c.) Android App G2
  • 2019 April
    a.) Scheduler, scheduled tasks b.) Behaviour Intelligence “Community Book” made public
  • 2019 July
    a.) Individual Negotiation b.) Full Smart Grid Optimizer c.) VPP
  • 2019 October
    a.) Aggregated Negotiation b.) Group Buying c.) Integrated Marketplace d.) Community Benefits
  • 2020 January
    a.) Anonymized data for data sales b.) Revenue distribution calculator
  • 2020 April
    a.) Energy suppliers interface b.) Dynamic supplier change c.) EV (Electric Vehicle integration)
  • 2020 July
    a.) Open for Non- Energy Business, safety, security, insurance, medical, AI b.) Internal Trade

Financial distribution

70% ICO supporters
10% Team members and advisors
7% Marketing and promotion
5% Angel investors
3% Bounty found
3% Market and product development
2% Escrow


Board of directors

Devid Palcic
Milan Susman


Damir Skrjanec
Arjun Upadhyaya
Domen Zupancic
Ivan Morano
Marino Montani
Davor Senjanovic
Ivan Ilicic
Armin Alagic
Erik Bubola
Smart Grids
Tomaz Pavlica
Marketing, MBA
Andrej Pasek
Automation, GM
Hubert Golle
Smart Grids
Igor Marić
Smart Contracts
Joao Fernandes
Sales Manager

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