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THE INNOVATIVE EMPLOYEE ASSESSMENT AND RECRUITMENT PLATFORM – BASED ON THE DECENTRALIZED BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY. OUNA is the first peer-to-peer, blockchain-based, online assessment and recruitment ecosystem. At the heart of the OUNA platform is “Analyzer,” a Pyramidal Online Assessment tool that is based on 15 years of research and tested in more than 100 real-life case studies. In 2017, “Analyzer” was acquired by OUNA, and fully transformed into the basis of OUNA – producing the global, anonymous, and decentralized OUNA ecosystem. The OUNA pyramidal assessment methodology and the related software is developed by a team of experienced and enthusiastic professionals, including psychologists, assessment experts, statisticians, and internet specialists. OUNA assessments can typically be completed within as little as 15 minutes. After a candidate performs an assessment, OUNA utilizes its methodically proven algorithms to analyze the assessment results, creating an accurate profile of the candidate that produce an average validity of 86% in the recruitment process. While simultaneously determining the needs of the HR recruiter, OUNA searches its extensive candidate database, and accurately identifies the most suitable candidates for any position - thereby enabling near- perfect employer-employee job matching every time. In addition, the blockchain technology and its associated Smart Contracts help OUNA to greatly reduce the need for costly intermediaries - such as head-hunters and recruitment agents - thereby considerably lowering the costs associated with traditional recruitment processes. Candidates themselves benefit too, not only by finding their ideal jobs but also by receiving a quantity of OUNA tokens - thereby becoming part of the vibrant OUNA crypto-community.


The most valuable resource of many organizations is the human factor - the people employed within them. The abilities to source, engage, and retain qualified talents are some of the main catalysts in driving the long-term success of an organization. With fierce competition for talents across all industries, the ability to source suitable talents is a top priority in organizations of all sizes. Nowadays, the available processes in the market for human resource recruiting are imperfect and suffer from various inefficiencies. These processes are highly dependent on human judgement, use tools and technologies that don’t provide sufficiently accurate matching results for employers and employees, are not intuitive, are very costly and timeconsuming, and have low success rates. Recruiting criteria-matching talents for employment positions is a high-risk process, since recruiting the wrong person has the potential to severely damage the productivity of teams, lose clients, reduce efficiencies, increase costs, and lower profits.


OUNA Limited




  • 2017 May
    Analyzer becomes OUNA. An additional $300k is invested in further project development.
  • 2018 January
    Preparing for ICO: Website, White paper & Private Sale.
  • 2018 May
    Pre-sale starts.
  • 2018 June
    Public sale starts.
  • 2018 July
    Ongoing development of OUNA.

Financial distribution

60% Public
10% Founders
10% Research
8% Team & Advisors
5% Core Reserve
2% User Acquisition
2% Bounty
2% Wings


Board of directors

Jonathan Lampert
Founder and CIO
Meir Hefetz
Founder and CEO
Avi Fatal
Founder & CTO
Reuven Wiener
Head of HR & Research


Amir Student
Partner at Alchemist, CO-Founder Team.Do
Jeff Pulver
Vice Chairman Alchemist, Founder MoNage, First Investor of Twitter
Kunal Kerai
Linkedin TopVoice & HR Strategist at Visa
Marc Kenigsberg
Founder at BlockSmarter, Creator of BitcoinChaser
Frank Bonnet
Founder DCORP.it Technical Advisor Gladius
Prof. Steve Ohana
Professor of Finance at ESCP Europe


Avi Fatal
Rafael Smith
Blockchain Developer
Yusef Dakak
Head of Compliance & Support
Noam Ashwal
Head of Education
Ami Mandel
Marketing Manager
Daniel Dilov
Blockchain Developer
Daniele Moscati
Business Development
David Di Tivoli
Social Media Manager IT Market
Mariya Dimitrova Tabachka
Compliance Officer
Nicola Niro
Blockchain Security Architect
Nir Zavaro
Marketing Consultant
Noam Shirman
Community Manager
Reut Levi - Keidar
Head of Blockchain Product
Baruch Benatar
Technical Writer

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