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The world's first decentralized AI-driven marketplace providing real-time solutions to retailers, manufacturers and consumers. OSA Decentralized is building an unprecedented ecosystem that will unite various parties which are disconnected today - supply chain members, data providers, data scientists, IT specialists, apps developers, computation power providers, laboratories, regulators and end consumers. This powerful combination will spur the development of myriads of B2B and B2C services on decentralized blockchain and smart contracts based platforms.


Other documents


  • 2017 September
    Decision to implement blockchain and tokenize the platform
  • 2017 October
    Integration with transaction data operators
  • 2017 November
    Master data catalogue tested
  • 2017 December
    Image recognition model developed for 300 products (in partnership with Neuromation)
  • 2018 January
    New big data architecture introduced; Master data catalogue tests
  • 2018 February
    Machine learning model enhancement
  • 2018 May
    Blockchain & smart contracts development (stage 1); Blockchain testing
  • 2018 June
    Image recognition model development for 1000 products; Master data catalogue development
  • 2018 October
    OSA mobile app development; Consumer app development and blockchain development (stage 2: entire supply chain implementation)
  • 2018 November
    Develop the platform for the entire supply chain IT, ML, and IoT functionalities
  • 2018 December
    Image recognition model development and functionality enhancement; Machine learning model enhancement; Product rating system development AR functionality development; Blockchain development (stage 3: decentralization)
  • 2019 March
    AR & ML functionality augmentation
  • 2019 April
    OSA Hybrid Platform upgrade
  • 2019 August
    OSA Decentralized platform development and implementation
  • 2019 December
    Product traceability development; New functionalities for machine learning processes (automated promos, assortment, pricing, recommendations)

Financial distribution

45% Token Sale
17% Partners & Advisors
15% Team & Early Backers
6% Retail Incentive
3% Data Science Community Incentive
3% R & D Incentive
3% Legal & Finance
2% Bounty
6% Secure Fund & Vesting


Board of directors

Maximilian Musselius
Strategy and Vision Lead
Alex Isaiev
Co-founder, BusinessDevelopment Lead
Alex Zdrilko
Co-founder, BusinessDevelopment Lead
Ruslan Pyshnyi
Co-founder, Strategy & Marketing Lead


Don Swann
Retail Industry Advisor
Gary Fowler
US Business Development Advisor
Rick Orloff
Cyber Security Advisor
Moe Levin
Blockchain Advisor
Barry Leventhal
Data Science Advisor
Anatole Gershman, PhD
AI and Machine Learning Advisor
Denis Zorin, PhD
AI and Machine Learning Advisor
Ioana Alexandra
Frincu Blockchain and Token Design Advisor
Andriy Zinchuk
Token Sales and Blockchain Advisor
Alexander Nektorov
Legal Advisor
Volodymyr Vorobiov
Legal Advisor
Dmytro Budorin
Chief Security Officer
Yegor Aushev, PhD
Business Development Advisor
Anton Makhnev
Financial Advisor


Esther Katz
VP Communications
Vadim Korsunsky
Retail BusinessDevelopment Lead
Elena Tsekich
Sales Lead
Almir Salimov
Asia Business Development Lead
Mikhail Myagkov, PhD
Game Theory and Data ScienceAdvisory Board Lead
Maximilian Kobernik
Asia Business Development Lead
Nikolay Lysenko
Chief Data Scientist
Yuriy Dukhnich
Product Creation Lead
Max Prasolov
Independent Director
Andriy Velykyy
Blockchain and TokenEconomy Lead
Alexey Derevyankin
Blockchain Developer
Vadim Bardash
Product Creation Lead
Valentin Ovechkin
Value Creation Lead
Denis Novikov
Finance and Legal Lead
Maria Semina
Team Coordinator andScrum Master
Roman Korolev
IT Development Lead
Darina Lukyanenko
Marketing & StrategyValue Creator
Yulia Kartashova
HR Lead
Oleksii Potapenko
Data Science Lead
Andrey Frolov
IT Developer
Andrey Dudin
Infrastructure Lead
Evgeny Tukhvatullin
Data Science Value Creator
Alexey Bezruchenkov
IT Developer
Artem Evseev
Data Science Value Creator

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Idea: OSA aims to create value for consumers, retailers and manufacturers with its AI-driven digital services. For example, if you go to a grocery store, to purchase diet-specific foods, OSA app would tell you which products fit your needs and they might even be with special discount for OSA users. This kind of idea sounds great and if developed well it might attract a lot of consumers. There are no projects like this built on blockchain just yet, being first is always great and it usually adds some extra value.

Team: OSA Decentralized has a huge team with high quality entrepreneurs, developers and blockchain specialists. They already have over 70+ team members. Their advisors have worked for giant companies such as Wal-Mart, Apple, Ebay etc. Because of these connections OSA shouldn’t have to many problems with adoption and integration.

Product: OSA is already a successful working business which was established in 2015. They already provide services for Coca-Cola, Mars, L’Oreal, Nestle, Metro Cash & Carry and some other famous brand names. So this project already has an MVP and this looks very promising from investor point of view. Their whitepaper is not easy to chew but it contains a lot of information and is translated to 4 languages already, even though it is still early stages in the ICO.

Token structure: The main concern is that they are trying to raise 300 000 ETH which is huge. Projects who are raising big amounts of money usually tend to show less returns. Team and Advisory board tokens are locked for 12 months, that indicates that team is ready to continue to work hard after the ICO. This ICO is still on early stages and other token metrics are not clear just yet.

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