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OriginTrail allows food manufacturers to aggregate real-time data about the products in all stages of a supply chain - all the way from the farm to the store. It enables consumers to check the authenticity, quality, and safety of their food anytime, anywhere.







  • 2013 May
    Alpha version for organic beef products
  • 2014 May
    Beta version for dairy products and integration with Microsoft Navision
  • 2015 May
    Beta version for poultry and vegetable products; Integration with SAP and other 3rd party ERP
  • 2016 May
    Over 20.000 unique shoppers using the system; Over 12.00 raw material providers
  • 2017 February
    Initial implementation with Ethereum test network
  • 2017 May
    First contacts with Chinese market (retailers); Adaptations of the system for Chinese market
  • 2017 August
    Existing users linked to Ethereum main network; Project office in Shanghai established
  • 2017 November
    Formation of Trace Alliance of beta users with companies and institutions in the US, EU and China
  • 2018 January
    TGE presale; Yimishiji Pilot project completed; European wine pilot project completed
  • 2018 February
    TGE crowdsale; Hong Kong office open for fostering partnerships in Asian markets
  • 2019 May
    Generic open source applications launched; Additional open calls
  • 2020 May
    Co-creation of data standards with public and prvate bodies; Collaboration with public institutions


Board of directors

Tomaž Levak
Co-founder & CEO
Žiga Drev
Co-founder & COO
Branimir Rakić
Co-founder & CTO
Maja Voje


John G. Keogh
Advisor | Strategist | Researcher | Speaker | Innovator | Author | Connector
Tomaž Štolfa
Co-founder Layer
Jan Karnath
Digital Transformation Consultant


Sava Savić
Data Interoperability Expert
Aleksandar Veljković
Blockchain Developer & Big Data researcher

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