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New standard for verification and distribution of digital data

Nkor is changing the copyrights industry by providing a seamless solution for registering, tracking, and distributing digital data, whether it is copyrighted digital content or content still unprotected by copyright laws. Data uploaded by creators to the NKOR ecosystem is hashed through the multi layer indexing algorithm and added to the blockcain where it can't be altered, providing another layer of copyright protection. Content creators scan their work on NKOR, verify its authorship, track its distribution across the ecosystem, and benefit from licensing and donations received by consumers of their content.







  • 2017 June
    The Birth of NKOR idea
  • 2017 August
    Market Research, Milestone 1 Anchoring is born
  • 2017 November
    Alpha Development. TGE Phase #1 (Pre-Sale)
  • 2018 February
    TGE Phase #2 (ICO)
  • 2018 March
    Milestone 2 Development of NKOR App and Worker Nodes
  • 2018 May
    Milestone 3 Security Audit and Platform Launch (Beta)
  • 2018 August
    Milestone 4 Development of NKOR community
  • 2018 December
    Milestone 5 Computing nodes integration

Financial distribution

29% Company & Future Cooperations, Affiliations
20% Miners
20% TGE Sale
15% Bounty / Community
12% Team
4% Advisors


Board of directors

Eric Klein
Co-Founder, CEO
Ami Inbar
Co-Founder, CMO
Gil Vinder
C0-Founder, COO
Ivan Didur
Co-Founder, CTO
Elisha Ben Tamar
C0-Founder, Legal Advisor, Investors Relations


Ophir Gertner
Founder at Stox
Yoav Barel
Product Marketing Advisor
Dr. Hadar Mazor
Patent Attorney
Andrey Yashunsky
Partner at Da Vinci Capital
Max Frolov
Co-Founder & CEO at DataRoot Labs, Co-Founder at Blockchain School
David Mickler
C0-Founder at Quintessentially Ventures
Anatoliy Melnichuk
C0-Founder & CEO, SnapSaves
Yohai Rayfeld
Chairman at Pango

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