Nimbus Token

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A platform for selling and bartering goods and services via cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

The Nimbus Token Platform can be used for almost any business project. Stores can use the platform to raise money by selling their own branded tokens instead of struggling with venture capitalists or suffering the humiliation of the typical banking experience. We know what the benefits are to store owners, but what is in it for those customers that bought NIM during the crowdsale? NIM tokens unlock functionality on the platform. NIM are used to open stores and unlocks the ability to buy branded product tokens.


  • 2018 January
    Public Crowd Sale
  • 2018 June
    Q2 Platform 2.0
  • 2018 July
    Crowd Sale End
  • 2018 September
    Q3 Launch


Board of directors

Storm Williams
Steven Peterson
Blockchain Badass


John McAfee
Senior Strategist & Advisor


Dean Williams
Director of Business Development
Daniel Spyralatos
Miracle-working Director of Social Media & Digital Marketing
Keith Hall
Superstar Backend Developer
Kevin Williams
Genius Frontend Developer

Financial distribution

20% Pre Token Sale
50% Token Sale
10% Team*
10% Founders*
10% Cost Fees and Reserve*


Buying product tokens during the store’s pre-sale period gives the customer a range of options that just aren’t present in platforms like Kickstarter or retail outlets like Overstock. This is a real opportunity for entrepreneurs to help small businesses expand and grow while the entrepreneur has new tools and new ways to grow their token portfolio. Below we explore three different use-cases from three different industries; agriculture, complex manufacturing, and personal services.


Nimbus TOken

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