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First ICO backed by a VC Fund in Latin America

Mango Startups is the first decentralized fund for Latin America. We are investing in a diversified portfolio of 24 tech startups from different countries. We offer transparency and compliance as wel as a clear exit strategy for our investors. Our core mission is to democratize venture investments and become a bridge between crypto and fiat economies. We help venture funds, accelerators and startups to raise capital using crypto assets in order to scale their products.



MangoStartups LLC

United States


  • 2014 October
    InvertUP Fund is formed
  • 2015 October
    InvertUP to lead the LATAM Accelerators Network (RETEI)
  • 2015 December
    Batch 1 Selected
  • 2016 June
    InvertUP listed National Stock Exchange Costa Rica
  • 2016 November
    First Exit M&A Kiboo/ADC Mobile ($6M)
  • 2017 July
    Alliance with Fintech Accelerator Aldesa
  • 2017 November
    Batch 2 Selected
  • 2018 March
    Crowdfunding Starts
  • 2018 July
    Batch 3, First Net Profits Distribution
  • 2019 January
    Batch 4, Up to 24 Companies in the Portfolio


Board of directors

Marcelo Lebendiker
President ofInvertUP Seed Capital Fund
Gabriel Chernacov
Vice President of InvertUP Seed Capital Fund
Juan Carlos Torrealba
CFO of InvertUP Seed Capital Fund
Ami Lebendiker
Founding Partner of Mango Startups


Alejandro Chernacov
San Francisco HQ Manager at Mango Startups
Fernando Arriola
Financial Director Mango Startups
Joseph Berganza
Software Engineering Director at Mango Startups
Elias Simos
London HQ Manager at Mango Startups
Mariana Solano
Marketing and Innovation Manager at Mango Startups
Helena Franczak
Community Manager at Mango Startups (Sydney, Australia)

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