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LetItPlay - Audio layer of the internet.

Yet, even content as popular as news is far more likely to be found in text or video form, and audio content on the Internet remains a second-class citizen. The main reason is that production of audio content brings no direct profits to the Content Providers, and requires additional investment into its production. LetItPlay provides a solution to this problem. LetitPlay is backed by EOS blockchain technology. Decentralized nature of this solution allows us to implement a genuinely transparent and fair attention economy designed to reward content creators for consumer attention to content, incl


LetItPlay prepares the Internet for its audio future by creating a decentralized ecosystem with attention economy which allows any news portal, blogger of community to easily create, distribute and monetize audio versions of their content. In audio future, every website, news portal or blog that is interesting to the audience will acquire its own audio version and will be able to deliver its content to the audience via various audio interfaces. With the help of audio, we want to give modern people an opportunity to consume information without being glued to a screen. Almost all of us have several hours during the day when our visual channel is occupied, but the mind is open for consuming information, say in your car, in public transport, in the gym or while doing household chores, before going to bed or after waking up. This time represents the best opportunity to consume content in audio format.





  • 2018 August
    Mobile application with podcast feed, Web panel for Content Providers, Audio web widget
  • 2018 December
    Adaptive audio feed to support typical content consumption scenarios in mobile app
  • 2019 April
    Audio-feed with flexible filtering and AI-based recommendation system
  • 2019 October
    Pre-publish content bufferization, Agent roles for users Web panel for Agents
  • 2020 April
    Natural interface based on voice recognition for mobile apps, Web panel for Communities, DAO
  • 2020 August
    AI-based spam and copyright protection, Web panel for Advertiser

Financial distribution

60% For sale
15% Ecosystem fund
15% Founders
5% Team
3% Advisers
2% Bounty


Board of directors

Andrey Durakov
Kirill Yurkov


Kevin van der Veer
Initiator Dutch Blockchain Network
Michail Okunev
Machine Learning Expert, Anti-fraud Expert
Lyubov Simonova
Head Of Department Rostelecom


Grisha Klimov
Web and Cloud Expert
Aleksander Drem
Business Development
Danil Gubaydulin
Product Manager
Vadim Kropotin
Product Manager
Anastasia Sumergenova
Content Manager
Igor Demin
Community Manager
Victor Borodulin
Community Manager

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