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  • 2017 May
    The Jibrel Network Limited Alpha goes live on Ropsten
  • 2017 September
    Jibrel Network Token offered at a discounted price
  • 2017 October
    The official CryDR wallet is released under an open-source license for community use
  • 2017 November
    Jibrel Network Token offered publically
  • 2018 February
    A dedicated CryDR block explorer is released to facilitate closer / more detailed tracking of CryDRs
  • 2018 April
    Institutional Grade Banking Platform
  • 2018 November
    Jibrel DAO is launched and the network begins full decentralization



Don Tapscott
Strategic Advisor - CEO of Tapscott Group
Abbas Zuaiter
Capital Markets Advisor; Former COO of Soros Fund
Ruslan Gavrilyuk
CryptoFinance Advisor; CEO & Founder of TaaS Fund
Saul Hudson
Communications Advisor; GM at Thomson Reuters
Mohammad Al Sehli
MENA Advisor; CEO & Founder of Arabian Chain
Dr. Moe Levin
Public Sector Advisor; CEO of Keynote
Stephen Murphy
Fintech Advisor; CEO of Genesis Global Tech


Yazan Barghuthi
Project Lead (Co-founder)
Victor Mezrin
Technical Lead (Co-founder)
Talal Tabbaa
Business Development Lead (Co-founder)
Nick Marinin
Developer (UX/UI)
Aleksey Selikhov
Developer (Back-end)
Ivan Violentov
Developer (Front-end)
Hamzeh Kolaghassi
Anna Bordunova
Public Relations
Rust Khusyainov

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