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GOJI is the first marketplace in the token economy where you can actually buy products and experiences easily at significant discounts

GOJI isn't just a token, it’s an economic environment where users can gain experience in the crypto-currency world and use their tokens to buy tangible products. Whilst the user experience is simplified to encourage people into the crypto-currency world, the ecosystem is also aimed at existing experienced traders and holders of other tokens seeking to use their gains to enhance their lifestyles.




United States


  • 2018 March
    Late March Token distribution event ends
  • 2018 May
    Teams established in UK, USA, Europe and Philippines (Customer Support and Admin)
  • 2018 July
    Mid July Website completed with initial contracted suppliers. Instruction videos completed, regional and support teams recruited and training commences
  • 2018 August
    Auction interface tested and integrated into website.First auction begins for 24 hour period. On completion highest bidders are contacted and products distributed. GOJI Auctions to commence on a weekly cycle from then on.
  • 2018 October
    GOJI Markets goes live as third part of website enabling SME’s and solo traders to buy and sell products with each other using GOJI Tokens.
  • 2019 February
    First GOJI escrow review for owners’ tokens subject to roadmap targets having been met based on establishment of Auctions, promotions, product offerings, global reach and marketing campaigns .

Financial distribution

50% Marketing
10% IT and Development
20% Operations and Administration
14% Auction Reserve
1% TDE Bounties
5% Bonuses and TDE Renumeration


Board of directors

Simon Sweet
CEO and Founder
Alex Bowden
Director of Marketing & Co-Founder
Arran Ayres
Director Tourism Services


Sean Hynes
TDE advisor
Marco Sprenkels
Crypto-currency and business advisor


Ilja Panov
Contracting Consultant
Kieran Ayres
Retail Director
Russell Winterbotham
Translation and Localisation Consultant
John Joe Morgan
Website and Data Security
Kent Wiley
Corporate Finance Consultant

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