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FundFantasy: The First Blockchain Based Fantasy Trading Platform

FundFantasy is an online social platform featuring peer-to-peer, provably-fair simulated investing contests, where users compete for prizes by crafting the ultimate portfolio. FundFantasy will launch it's own utility token by the name of FundToken (FUNDZ), which will serve as the primary payment currency on our platform. We are an experienced team in the fields of gaming, online-trading, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, marketing, and full-stack development for both web and mobile.


The online trading market is notorious for its wide variety of scandals and many accusations of fraud. Owing to the fact that it is one of the largest online markets, it stands out as one of the thirstiest markets for blockchain based solutions. A peer-to-peer, blockchain-based simulated-investing platform that relies on real market data will allow retail traders to continue practicing financial analysis for profit, without the major counter-party risks that are presently involved. Supported by an ecosystem that propels growth, and based on a deflationary currency, FundFantasy platform will revolutionize the online trading market.


FundFantasy LTD



  • 2016 January
    Concept Formation & Feasibility Studies
  • 2016 November
    Pre-Seed Funding
  • 2017 January
    Platform Development & Alpha-pilot testing Mobile Apps Full Blockchain Integration
  • 2018 January
    Token Launch, Phase II Development Mobile Apps Full Blockchain Integration
  • 2018 April
    Complete Licensing Process
  • 2018 September
    Launch FundFantasy Platform

Financial distribution

70% Public Token Sale
5% Presale
7% Founders
5% Team
4% Advisors
5% Post Launch Promotion
2% VC & Early Contributors
2% Bounty


Board of directors

Tal Zander
Co-Founder & CEO
Daniel Vaisman
Co-Founder & COO
Tzahi Kanza
Asaf Yosifov


Marc Kenigsberg
Blockchain, Cryptoeconomics Advisor
Melissa Blau
Director at iGaming Capital
Eric Benz
Managing Director at CryptoPay
George Kimionis
Founder & CEO at Coinomi
Ishai Smadja
Product Manager at King
Robert Rottman
Fintech Advisor, Barchart


Avri Rotem
Shay Tiram
Marketing Manager
Or Reznik
Business Developmet
Guy Zinder
Business Development
Vladimir Murzac
Head Software Developer
Nicoleta Anton
Graphic Designer

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