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Artifical Intelligence Trading Revolution

FTEC is an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks for conducting effective trading activities on cryptocurrency markets. The idea behind FTEC is very clear: to create a holistic ecosystem that will contain all the necessary tools based on AI and Neural Networks for users with any level of experience and knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies. The ecosystem offers a complex of 15 original solutions for: Boosting trading efficiency. Saving time of a trader. Receiving the latest trends in the industry. Improving trading strategies of users. Minimizing the risks of the trading activity. Studying the specifics of crypto trading. Why do you need to invest in the project? • Ready working products and approved financial and economic results (coinbot.club, cryptoangels.io). • The cumulative experience of the team during more than 4 years.Coinbot.club users entrusted more than 250 BTC to us. • Detailed whitepaper which shows that the team has a clear vision of the product. • Open code of trading modules (coinbot.club, 15 modules).Unique and comprehensive modules for both beginners and professional traders. • High ratings on listings and trackers (icobench 4.9, HYPE SCORE: Very High (ICORating), RISK SCORE: Low (ICORating), trackico 5.0, icomarks 9.1, icocalendar 5.0, cointalk 4.5). • The existence of all legal documents which are typical for large projects (Registration Certificate, Howey Test, KYC ALMP, Pre-order Agreement, Legal Opinion, Anti-spam policy). FTEC is saving you a whole life of a time! Created By traders for traders.




United Kingdom
Suite 4351, Mitchell House, 5 Mitchell Street



  • 2017 July
    Ideology, teambuilding, setting a technical task, architecture development for Coinbot.club database
  • 2017 August
    Template design development, signal subscription mode, 2FA connection.
  • 2017 September
    Development of candlestick classifier, Orderbook analyzer.
  • 2017 October
    Creating a new logo, redesign.
  • 2017 November
    Creating a coinbot.club blog, algorithms for smart trading modules.
  • 2017 December
    Decision tree architecture, Bittrex API connection, Poloniex, automatic API checking, affiliate prog
  • 2018 January
    Connecting the Binance API, Yobit, creating a support department.
  • 2018 February
    Updating the payment system.
  • 2018 March
    Landing creation, White Paper, preparation of documentation.
  • 2018 April
    Pre-sale, interview sessions, advertising campaign.
  • 2018 May
    ICO, full-fledged development. Report.
  • 2018 June
    Summing up, connecting the API of new exchanges, creating Telegram Assistant, Adaptive Social Assist
  • 2018 July
    Mobile App, Service of Trader's Behavioral Analysis, statistics collection. Report.
  • 2018 August
    Exchange Order Management Module, interaction testing with other modules, Price Notification Module.
  • 2018 September
    Development of network architecture, Analyzer of the News Background, materials collection and tests

Financial distribution

9% Content
12% SEO + SMM + PR
19% Managers
28% Developers
6% Support
6% Legal services
8% Web service
4% Research
7% Office + premiums
1% Other


Board of directors

Ihor Torshyn


Stas Ochkur
Business Development Specialist
Viktor Daverman
Julián Marcelo Bernal González
Systems Engineer
Alena Tymoshenko
Head Of Marketing
Luis Felicio
Software Web Developer
Tim Marchini
Content Manager
Roscislav Gorbachov
Head Trader
Vlad Nesmiian
Legal Advisor
Evgeniy Sidelnikov
Chief Financial Officer
Maxim Bashmakov
Art Director
Andrea Meeld
Senior Trading Advisor
Egor Osaulenko
Software Developer
Kate Klymko
UX/UI Designer
Denys Bannikov
Blockchain Developer
Oleg Mazurok
Trading Analyst
Janine Lakhotska
Public Relations

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VisionFTEC aims to become the ultimate tool for all of the cryptocurrency trading methods. It is an ecosystem of intelligent services and neural networks. Many services included in the ecosystem will be based on AI and Neural Networks algorithms, for users with any level of experience. So in few words the idea of ​​the project is to unite separate trading services (bots and signals, educational and information services) into a single platform. The idea is very big and such approach, has a number of advantages both for the project and for the users. But we always need to calculate the risk of competition and they do have quite wide range of competitors.

Product: This project has mostly all information in its documentation. After reading their whitepaper you feel that your all questions are answered. This is great from investors point of view, you can feel that this team is doing its job well already. As an advantage, they also have an existing and working product already to showcase how the FTEC ecosystem could be used in the future. Product is still in Alpha phases, but this team is delivering their promises so far and the confidence from investors is growing rapidly. 

TeamFTEC team consists of specialists of various fields and experience. And this is great because they not only have solid blockchain specialists but also strong PR and marketing people, legal team members and so on. It is very attractive for users and potential investors that they seem to be very transparent with their business profiles and documentation.

Token StructureFTEC is a utility token that allows users to use the platform and its services and prioritize the use of certain services. FTEC will be a part of the platform ecosystem and all payments will be tied to it, this shows that they are paying attention in creating demand for the token. Their maximum bonus is calculated fairly and it shouldn’t scare investors of possible flipping after it goes on exchange and also team tokens are locked for 12 months. One thing is concerning that their soft cap is 2,000 ETH and hard cap 26,500 ETH. It is a big gap and that possibly could increase suspicion for some investors than team is raising more that they actually need. 

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