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May, 16
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Jun, 15


What is Energy Premier?

Energy Premier is a blockchain based energy retail & bidding platform that allows users to organize electricity bidding sessions, trade in our EPC utility tokens, and put their smart-grid electricity for auction, as well as connect smart meters to perform instant EPC payments. Our platform is live and operating already ( already having lead users (consumers & suppliers) and a team of blockchain innovators including Tomoaki Sato, ex consultants, investment bankers and energy traders to make it a success.


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Energy Premier



  • 2016 December
    Development of the platform
  • 2017 April
    Testing of the platform
  • 2017 October
    Preparation for Crowdsale
  • 2018 January
    Open invitation for community members
  • 2018 May
  • 2018 June
    Distribution of the tokens
  • 2018 August
    Implementation of blockchain features
  • 2019 January
    EPC as payment method on the platform

Financial distribution

30% Sales & customer relations
15% Further product development
5% Outsourcing costs
5% Team and salary expenses
10% Software maintenance
3% Legal services
25% Business expansion
7% Market research & consulting


Board of directors

Blagoja Petrushev
General Management of software development. Platform stability and compliance. Tech innovation
Luka Prelevic
Strategic positioning of Energy Premier. Market partnerships. Business model innovation
Viktor Delov
Development of electric power trading. Excellence in power trading operations


Tomoaki Sato
Blockchain adviser. Development of innovative projects for ICO and blockchain technology
Faton Behadini
Financial advisor. Development of financing packages for platform users


Kevin Karl Castlunger
Expansion across geographies. Formation of key market partnerships
Thor Morten Wangen
Promotion of the Energy Premier story - Communication to consumers - Scaling of user base
Ankit Chawla
Innovation on the product. Design of new features. Implementation of customer feedback
Jovan Lazarevic
Expansion of Energy Premier and EPC token into gas and other commodities trading and bidding
Stefan Spasovski
Development of UI & UX platform aspects. Excellence in customer journeys and retention
Vojislav Boskovski
Development of machine learning algorithms for time-series analysis and prediction
Dragana Mladenovic
Social Media Manager
Giulia Cian Seren
Chief Marketing Officer

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