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About Darenta

Have you ever thought there is an IT platform exists, that allows to Decentrally Autonomously RENT an Auto? Have you ever wondered you can earn some money with your own car? We are introducing Darenta carsharing. It transforms into a decentralized autonomous car rental service, that is not managed by people and no executives. Regulation on this decentralized IT platform will occur based on the feedback and recommendations by users, who will be registered via smart contracts. If for any reason a car owner constantly ignore requests from renter, the car owner is banned. Instead, if a car owner regularly rents out his car to renters and regularly receives positive feedback, his profile gets higher ranking in search results both in mobile applications and the website. Users with good reputation will receive bonuses in the form of the promotion through our social networks groups. DARENTA’s users will be able in the future to earn tokens by posting their feedback. Token holders will allow users to manage the platform by regulating relationships. All of these without the direct participation by founders of the startup.







  • 2014 May
    Finding an idea
  • 2014 October
    Website launching
  • 2015 January
    Update of the Web Site
  • 2015 February
    Applications launching
  • 2016 January
    Update of the Web Site Prize-winner of IT-Start, Era-Glonass, Startup Eurasia Expo and GenS contests
  • 2017 January
    Update of the Web Site
  • 2017 November
    Development and integration of ICO smart-contract Pre Sale
  • 2017 December
    PreICO ICO
  • 2018 January
    Token lock-up Development and deployment of smart contracts for darenta.io Updates on the Web Site and Applications High-quality translation into various languages by native speakers
  • 2018 April
    Automation of processes and creation of informative valuable content Promotion Development and deployment of a telematics device Keyless access and a rented car and its engine starting Rent or purchasing an office Call center deployment Short-term multi-drive within the service area Appearance of tokens on the crypto-exchangers
  • 2018 May
    Sale of franchises for tokens through smart contracts More integration with the blockchain Advertising and special projects from advertisers for tokens through smart contracts Implementation to grant tokens for feedback about car owners Possibillity of tokens payout for feedback about cars, feedback about renter, the time spent on the site, for downloading the application, for filling the profile, for advertising in profiles, for posts in social networks Car owners will be able to order photo sessions of their cars, video reviews, additional promotion for tokens Photographers and videoblogers will be able to receive tokens for creating unique content
  • 2019 February
    Cooperation with P2P carsharing of USA and Canada Update of the Site and Apps Integration with gift card aggregators Integration with automotive industry Test-drives Integration with parking services Integration with the service of tow trucks
  • 2020 January
    Update of the Site and Apps Integration with carsharing aggregators, sticker manufacturers and platforms for on-car advertising, the Committees of Tourism, an energy company for charging electric cars Scaling, expansion to other countries


Board of directors

Oleg Gribanov


Yury Yartsev
Grigory Slynko
Ivan Zalessky


Artur Teregulov
Alexander Rumyantsev
Antoniy Kapranov
Project Manager
Mukhamed Batyrov
Business Development Manager
Artem Kritsyn
Evgenia Spirina
Chief Accountant
Kirill Volkov
Maxim Kiselev
Tax Law and Legal Expert
Tatyana Tal

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