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Cryptfunder is a decentralized funding source for startup ICOs and blockchain companies creating a new way for pre-ICO startups and other blockchain entities to receive the required funding for success in today’s market.

Detailed Information

Cryptfunder: " Cryptocurrency Funding of the Community and for the Community" Cryptfunder is a decentralized funding source for the cryptocurrency community, startup ICOs and other blockchain companies. We will filter out the best blockchain candidates deploying expert analysts to identify the projects with the greatest potential and fund these projects. These disruptive startups will be chosen based on their potential market value, quality of their team and the real world application of their technology. Cryptfunder will find inspiring and disruptive startup ICOs including blockchain compan

ICO Information

Name: Cryptfunder Symbol: CFND Website: ICO Start: May 25, 2018 9:00pm UTC ICO End: July 8, 2018 9:00pm UTC Total tokens: 40,000,000 Total at ICO: 20,000,000 Type of token: ERC20 decimals: 18 Token Price: .003 ETH each / 1 CFND = 0.003 ETH Softcap: 3000 ETH Hardcap: 60000 ETH Country: Cayman Islands


Cryptfunder is a decentralized cryptocurrency funding source for ICOs and blockchain companies. With the influx of a myriad of ICOs entering the market, finding the required amount of funding to be able to successfully nurture those worthy projects has proven to be a recurring problem. Enter Cryptfunder, a token that will fund pre-ICO startups and other blockchain companies and will employ expert analysts to identify the projects with the greatest potential market value based on the quality of their team and the real-life application and utility of their technology. Cryptfunder will provide seed crypto-capital at a crucial phase in return for pre-ICO tokens at a discounted rate or other method of compensation, guiding developing ICOs to success and developing a diverse portfolio of new and developing cryptocurrencies providing value for all of our participants.

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Cayman Islands
294 North Sound Road


  • 2018 April
    All coin schedule sites listed, article, video, bounty and other marketing methods in eff
  • 2018 May
    May 2018 Bonus period 1 started and ICO launch May 25, 2018 at 9:00 pm UTC. All server DDOS and secu
  • 2018 July
    July 2018 End of successful ICO launch. Post ICO orga-nization, security documentation and start of
  • 2018 August
    August 2018 First startup ICO is successfully negotiated, escrowed, milestones established and fund-
  • 2018 September
    September 2018 Cryptfunder CFND token listed on first ex-change. UX/UI improvements on front and bac
  • 2018 October
    October 2018 Ongoing marketing, profit sharing and part-nership opportunities forged. CFND token on
  • 2018 November
    November 2018 Third exchange listing for CFND. Further im-provements and enhancements to frontend an
  • 2018 December
    December 2018 25+ startup ICO prospects funded, ICO to-kens garnered in excess of 2.5M. CFND token p

Financial distribution

50% ICO Sale
10% Legal & Regulations
10% Bounty & Team
10% Retained
10% Administration
5% Marketing
5% Exchanges


Board of directors

Kevin Sarisky


Nathan Christian
Business Dev. & Strategy Adviser
Ismail Malik
Marketing & PR Adviser
Illia Pashkov
Blockchain Adviser
Giannis Stathapoulos
Exchange / Post ICO Adviser
Brennan Bennett
Fintech Strategy Adviser
Sean Brizendine
Security & Risk Adviser
Debra McCann
Social Media Adviser
Aleksi Mäkinen
Investment Strategy Adviser


Robert Laguna
Micahel Hadzipanajotis
Ronald Aai
Santosh Singh
Rahul Bhatnagar
Warren Whitlock
Sumit Kumar Pradhan
Community Manager
Conor Maloney
Hakar Youssef Sulaiman
Graphic Design

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