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Cryptelo is a blockchain-based encryption technology company that provides world-class, security-first data transfer, collaboration, versioning, and storage services. During the last 3 years we developed advanced cryptography technology and turned it into functioning products with paying customers. Our main goal is expand globally by building the infrastructure and converting the proprietary Cryptelo Platform into an open protocol solution. This will empower developers and companies to build top security standards into their applications, without the need for advanced cryptography skills.





Czech Republic


  • 2013 April
    Cryptelo's Big Bang. Meeting between Dr. Klima, Jiri Zuna and Martin Baros led to an idea for a solution to the key flaw in online security.
  • 2014 June
    Investors Believe in Us. Cryptelo shares its vision for an impenetrable encryption service, secures investment, builds a team of top cryptographers, and gets to work.
  • 2015 September
    Launch of Cryptelo Drive. Cryptelo Drive, also known as the "NSA Proof Dropbox" is launched.
  • 2016 December
    Proof of Concept. Cryptelo secures high-profile clients in high-security sectors.
  • 2018 March
    ICO. ICO will enable Cryptelo to shift its deep technology into a globally available and multi-use case security tool for anyone.
  • 2018 November
    Cryptelo Platform Beta release. Cryptelo will launch Cryptelo Platform Beta, empowering developers everywhere to incorporate state-of-the-art encryption and key management, without the need for advanced cryptography skills.

Financial distribution

25% Company
20% Pre-sale
30% Public Sale
22% Platform expansion incentive
3% Bounty Program


Board of directors

Martin Baros
Jiri Zuna


Jeff Burton
Strategy Advisor
Philip Staehelin
Strategy Advisor
Cedric Maloux
Advisor to CEO
Mark van Rijmenam
Strategy Advisor
Vojtech Nepras
Investment Advisor
Vojtěch Foukal
Marketing Advisor


Dite Gashi
Blockchain Architect
Yann Bouvier
Security Manager
Marek Duda
VP of Business Development
Farah Abdelkawy
Community Manager
Gabriela Teissing
Head of Marketing
Andrea Chocholova
Operations Manager
Katerina Roscova
Social Media Manager
Eva Postulkova
Graphic Designer

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Category: CryptocurrencyInternetInvestment
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