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Be Your Own ISP

A platform to create your own ISP - WISP and deploy your own network anywhere in the world. Breaking with intermediaries, and abusive costs like franchises. No need to waste time in bureaucracy. We put at your disposal the use of our licenses so that you can act as your own ISP. The high cost of fiber for the home and the decline in Internet traffic over mobile networks have revitalized the demand for a disruptive alternative in broadband. Almost 60% of the world's population does not have Internet access, and of the remaining 40%, only half have connections of more than 20 Mbps. If we speak of rural environments, those who have internet, do so at no more speeds of 4Mbps, with our platform we want to break that barrier. Through the Cederis platform, any person, entrepreneur or company can create their own ISP (Internet Service Provider) through wireless (WISP), using the most competitive standards such as LTE or Wireles 5G Fixed. We put at your disposal all the necessary tools to do it without having to waste time in bureaucratic procedures, such as the creation of a company, or the management of licenses, or the search for contacts, and contracts with third parties, without the need to pay abusive royalties to franchised companies that only think about their own benefit and not about the entrepreneur. By using the Cederis platform, you will use our ISP licenses, and all the tools to set up your main node and its deployment, among which, access to thousands of telecommunication towers around the world and Fiber Optic T1 dedicated for operators in your central. Thanks to the union and collaboration between all and the incentive of our token, we will ensure the quality and continuity of the project and all the services.






  • 2016 November
    Idea, Design of the complete software WISP management
  • 2017 August
    Completion of Civil Works and commissioning of our own T1 Fiber dedicated in headquarter Completion of software for complete WISP management We created Cederis.io
  • 2018 January
    Launch ICO 16th January Platform : Waves 100.000.000 Cederis Tokens created Bonus up to 40% for early investors and annual benefits for all investors. Token at DEX Waves exchange
  • 2018 April
    The first 5 nodes will be installed strategically in populations with more than 5000 population where fiber optics do not currently exist. The nodes will be installed in the provinces of Galicia. Depend of the raised, we install 5 more nodes, making a total of 10 operating nodes by the end of 2018 Cederis portal design Ripe ips, DNS,
  • 2018 July
    Test of the cederis portal for users and investors. Smart contracts, for the implementation of the voting system and payment gateway of our token on the platform
  • 2018 October
    Launch cederis platform
  • 2019 January
    Acquisition of licenses for the first European, E.E.U.U , Central America and South America countries where users can deploy nodes

Financial distribution

50% Base Stations
20% Development
15% Infrastructure
10% Marketing
3% Team
2% Legal


Board of directors

Jorge J. Farrés


Francesc Roca


Hipolito A. González
Miguel Cividanes
Andrés G. Piñon

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