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Biometrids platform.

Biometrids platform, will give anybody the opportunity to identify them selves to others within the ecosystem. We are using facial recognition to insure the uniqueness of every ID on the chain.The Biometrids platform allows people to identify themselves to others using the face recognition built into their phones. By using an immutable distributed ledger, every person in the chain will be unique. One face means one ID, and every ID is unique. If you are recorded in the chain once, you will never be able to manipulate that ID again or copy the ID. This will prevent identity theft and scams, and will also ensure users are who they say they are.



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  • 2016 March
    Start of idea
  • 2017 January
    Q1 and Q2. January - to June - discussion and market study. Q3 Development of the concept. Finding solutions to building the system. Q4 PRE-ICO and ICO - PRE-ICO 25th of November to 1st of December - ICO 16th of December to 13th of January
  • 2018 December
    Q1. Setting up the foundation and hiring process. Starting to develop stage 1. Q2. Getting adopted to exchanges. Q3. Beta version of stage 1. Testing with community. Creating design model and architecture for stage 2 – Community meet up, where we discuss ideas, current plans, future plans, and whats happened since the end of ICO
  • 2019 February
    Q2. Beta version of stage 2. Testing with community. Q3. Creating design model and architecture for stage 3 Q4. Releasing stage 2 and starting to develop stage 3. Community meet up
  • 2020 March
    Q1-Q2. Beta version of stage 3. Testing with community. Creating design model and architecture for stage 4. Q3. Assembling of product and full test. Partnering up with new services to use our API. Q4. Stages 3 release. And starting on stage 4.Community meet up
  • 2021 May
    Q1.Stage 4 development, and final release of Biometrids platform. Q3. Final release of Biometrids platform, for all partners to use. Q4. Community meet up


Board of directors

Morten Nielsen
CEO and daily leader.


Michael Moller Nielsen
Financial Advisor
Sabina Kethelz
Technical and Product Advisor


Daniel Broe
Business Developer and Partnerships
Jolene Sapsworth
Marketing Manager
Kiril Beresnev
Ethereum Developer
Jana Antonova
Graphic Designer
Kiril Ganchev
Algorithme and full stack developer
Igor Novaković
Ethereum and web developer

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