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The Worldwide Augmented Reality Grid

We represent the global ecosystem of augmented reality, built on the blockchain technology. We are merging together real and virtual worlds to create a Digital Land - a layer of Augmented Reality. It is a uniquely formed environment, perfectly linked to our world. It is designed for the everyday user interactive experience with multimedia content in real world locations. In this Digital Land, anyone will be able to rent a piece of land and start doing business worldwide without leaving his office. Arcona has been designed to incorporate AR in all the areas of real-world business. The ecosystem can apply and have a great impact on real estate, tourism, gaming, media, advertising, education, art industry, etc. Possibilities are limitless! ABOUT DIGITAL LAND Only the participants of Arcona ICO will be able to become owners of a new cryptographic asset - Digital Land! The registration for the purchase of Arcona tokens is already open - do not forget to register.





  • 2018 March
    We will launch a marketplace with the primary goal of introducing Arconas as the system currency
  • 2018 June
    The launch of AR Viewer prototype in the form of an app for testers and scouts
  • 2018 September
    The launch of the technological prototype for AR Grid; testing of remote positioning tools.
  • 2018 December
    The launch of AR Viewer beta version with basic functionality. Placing basic content in test
  • 2019 June
    The AR GRID positioning system will be implemented in the 10 largest metropolitan areas of the planet. “Digital lands" will be put on sale with a total area of 1500 km².
  • 2020 August
    Georeferenced AR territories will be expanded to 40,000 km², the World Wide Augmented Reality Grid will be created.

Financial distribution

30% Marketing
22% Software development
12% Events & exhibition
10% Sales
10% Partnership projects
10% General & administrative
6% Other


Board of directors

Ilia Korguzalov
Project Leader, Founder
Diana Sorina
CEO/CMO, Founder
Daniil Girdea
Co-Founder, IR
Aleks Zaulichnyy
Tania Chernikh
Founder, Researcher & PR


Lyubov Simonova
Business lady, business angel, expert in VC, strategy, business development, Internet technologies
Kairat Kaliev
Founder of Cross Coin
George Popescu
CEO and co -founder of Lampix, and AR technology platform
James Haft
Entrepreneur and Merchant Banker
Sergey Khitrov
Mentor, blockchain expert
Sergei Chmel
Currently advisor in ICORATING Rating Agency and Managing Partner at ICOSHARK Hedge Fund
Alexey Strogov
Head of R&D units


Alex Emelianoiv
R&D Team lead
Igor Rozdestvensky
R&D Mentor
Mihail Afremov
Project Team Lead

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Category: PlatformSoftware
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