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ARCALLIA ICO - Arcallia helps make the world a better place through innovation.

ARCALLIA is unique inventors’ common funding platform. Investors will be able to invest and earn revenue from inventions, and inventors can get more new solutions to the world through The internal currency of Arcallia, which will be used to make investments on the platform will be the Eesty Coin token. In the future, the value of Eesty Coin will be tied to real inventions, patents and their successes. The price of the token for ICO participants is 0,5USD. The token has been created based on the Ethereum Blockchain technology and can be traded on public markets.


  • 2018 February
    2018 I Quarter the preparation of the Arcallia platform and whitepaper for ICO
  • 2018 May
    2018 II Quarter The Creation of Arcallia β version, generation of tokens and start of public tradin
  • 2018 July
    2018 II-IIIQuarter Will start to test Arcallia's β version. The conclusion of the testing of Arcall
  • 2018 September
    2018 III-IV Quarter Start doing the Main version of Arcallia
  • 2019 March
    019 I Quarter the Arcalllia platform is ready.


Board of directors

Veiko Huuse
CMO and Co-Founder
Kalle Köömnemägi


Advisory Team Manager / Co-Founder
Senior expert / Advisor
Seine / Technology Advisor
Copyright / Patents Advisor


Mykhailo Tiutin
EESTY COIN developer

Financial distribution

55% Product Development and R&D
20% Marketing and Business Development
10% Legal Expenses
15% Operational Expenses


The solution is an international crowdfunding platform called, which offers inventors the opportunity to be protected while making their invention public in order to find financing for making it a reality. Investors can, depending on the invention, in return get a share of the invention’s patent, the direct profits, the rights to the sale of the invention, the actual invention itself and other benefits stemming from that particular project. To minimise risks for the inventors, the Arcallia platform has also created opportunities for protecting investments on their platform. The general strategy of the organisation is to actively seek out inventions and innovative ideas, to present them to society and to include society in bringing them to reality through the crowdfunding platform. We offer professional support, intellectual property protection, and support with budgeting, presenting the business model, determining circulation capacities, creating the product and brand, marketing and finding specialised legal aid. In this area of activities, we have experience in carrying out professional evaluations through international inventors’ association and the experts and consultants in the respective area. Also, stakeholders representing various international producers are included, who can use the platform for presenting their cases to the inventors on Arcallia, to find the best innovative solutions for their objectives.

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