Get to know closer, what Service AIDA is offering into the market — Solution.

Jan 11, 2018

In the process of development and world globalization, humanity has become a hostage of intermediaries in all spheres of trade and services. Mediation has become a huge layer between producers and customers. The involvement of one or more intermediaries in the chain increases the final cost and risks. Instead of improving product quality and productivity, the factories are distracted by sales, marketing, communication with the customer and delivery. Service companies in the field of logistics and warehousing of goods face the same problems. There are no good universal tools for managing enterprise resources and a sufficient number of orders. There is no planning option. The incoming information is very often distorted and not relevant. Corruption has become another obstacle to the full development of the private and public sectors. Without software to automate business processes, it is not possible to plan and analyze activities qualitatively, to prevent costs and to ensure sufficient data security. And if there is, it is not cheap. There is almost no confidence in anything today.

But over time, everything changes and with the advent of Blockchain technology, the process of eliminating intermediaries has accelerated. There is ability to solve the problems of all participants in the supply process. It consists in providing tools that will work as a single organism. Our team took responsibility, change the usual sales pattern, developing a service that will gradually eliminate all the above problems.

SERVICE AIDA is a P2P service with complex automation of sales of goods and services, which can unite millions of companies into one network. The service consists of 6 main parts:

· Multilingual marketplace

· Customer’s member area

· Production management system

· Logistic management system

· Warehouse management system

· Promotion tools for affiliate network and purchase funnel

In AIDA, each participant has his own office or management system — as a tool for planning and conducting activities. It contains all the necessary analytics. Participants are connected to the service — they are connected by one network. This allows you to quickly track every step.

And most importantly, in AIDA there is no monthly fee for the provided automation tools for all users of the service. Service earns on commissions on payment transactions.

So how does this all work?

The manufacturer is added to the system and passes a two-stage check, gets access to the private office, where he is given the opportunity:

• Customize the production conveyers, with which you can create the cost and timing according to its capabilities

• Plan production by controlling the remaining raw materials and finished products

• And also to form a price and synchronize with a specialized general showcase of the service.

Customers will be able to choose a suitable manufacturer, according to reviews about it and its rating in the showcase. He can always see up-to-date information on the balances or production deadlines to order. Also order delivery to the facility or to the temporary storage warehouse closest to it, for further consolidation and shipment. Warehouses and logistics companies will be integrated into the service. As a result of delivery, all participants will be able to exchange electronically signed documents, leave their feedback to each participant.

Blokchain plays a huge role in the service.

The billing system will be developing gradually and pass into payment by crypto currency, which is justified by the reduction of commissions and unnecessary actions when transferring funds between companies, especially in international transactions. Will be introduced its own crypto currency and exchanger on the service.

All history of transactions and stages of the order movement, supplier ratings will be recorded in the blockchain and executed by a smart contract. It is also planned, due to the existing in the system configuration module of the conveyor, to write down information on the composition of materials or finished products to the blockchain. This will allow the end-user to view, using the link in the QR code on each package — the passport of the goods, namely the composition, release dates and other important data for the consumer.