EARTH Token on Trajectory to Disrupt Carbon Mitigation Trading: ICO Presale Underway

Dec 1, 2017

01 December 2017, Mauritius – The highly anticipated EARTH Token ICO Presale is currently underway offering 30% Bonus EARTH tokens until the main sale commences on the15th of December 2017 12:00 GMT.

The EARTH Token and the blockchain based Natural Asset Exchange (NAE) are poised to democratize and open up the trade of carbon emission and natural assets. impactChoice, the parent company that is driving the project, has been providing digital solutions to the carbon mitigation industry since 2009.

By tokenizing natural assets trades using the EARTH Token for settlement, and basing the settlement of trade in natural assets on a transparent blockchain with no minimum barriers to entry, the NAE is set to foster growth in carbon mitigation efforts that support environmentally sustainable projects, such as forest reclamation projects, waste to energy projects, climate neutral fuel projects. Democratizing and digitizing the trade in natural assets will open it up to new market entrants encouraging new technological breakthroughs and innovations in an industry that is currently opaque and dominated by large corporations that are not responsive to global environmental needs.

The market for natural assets is overdue a disruptive upgrade and the blockchain based NAE is set to bring much-needed modernization allowing for price discovery through the transparency of an open distributed ledger. All participants in the market will benefit from increased levels of accountability which can foster new confidence that funds destined for environmental projects make it through to the natural asset custodians, allowing them to confidently expand operations that provide a net benefit to environmental sustainability.

EARTH Token and the NAE can foster the growth of new startups by providing them with market feedback and price signal data, giving them the confidence to invest in new products and services related to the environmental sustainability industry. The market is set to expand as it is served by innovative solutions, the integration of IoT and asset management systems that distributed ledger technology enables.

EARTH token holders are set to see the value of their tokens appreciate as economic activity increases on the NAE exchange as all trades will be settled in EARTH Token.

“The NAE will be able to handle new innovations in IoT and asset management software by third-party providers that will be able to interoperate with the exchange in an open and plug-and-play fashion, and also be capable of interfacing with new asset classes and environmental projects.” – Leonard Harley, Earth Token co-founder and Managing Director of impactChoice.

“From 2009 it has been our mission to enable institutions and individuals alike, to minimize their impact on the environment – giving them the choice and the tools to act responsibly by providing them with simple solutions that allow them to achieve their environmental goals”, he added.

To better understand the impact the NAE can make in the market, follow environmental sustainability technology pioneer Leonard Harley and co-founder of impactChoice on his blog:

impactChoice is the parent company of the EARTH token and NAE and has been providing software, hardware, and on-site fit-out solutions for the trade of carbon mitigation products for clients in the environmental sustainability industry since 2009. As of April of 2017, impactChoice implemented a private permissioned blockchain solution to its clients. impact Choice is tasked with building the Natural Asset Exchange which is scheduled to be operational in Q2 of 2018 at the conclusion of the main token sale.

The Kariba REDD+ and The Black Rhino Reserve Wildlife Trust are set to participate in the launch of the Natural Asset Exchange as inaugural natural asset providers. More naturals asset supply and demand side partners are showing interest in participating in the launch of the exchange and begin trading. Follow partner announcements here:

Play your role in preserving our environment for future generations by becoming part of the trade in natural assets.

The presale is currently underway and the main sale starts on till 15 March 2018 12:00 GMT. Note that the NAE (Natural Asset Exchange) will be live at the end of the main sale.

During the ongoing presale, EARTH Tokens can be purchased at a rate of 5,200 EARTH Tokens for 0.04 BTC or 1 ETH which includes a 30% Bonus (base rate is 4,000 EARTH Tokens at 0.04 BTC or 1 ETH).

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