Datarius — Social P2P Cryptobank

Feb 8, 2018

If you have been following the cryptocurrency industry, you may have heard of a new currency coming out called Datarius. Datarius cryptobank, as what it is called, is a decentralized partially closed system. Datarius will act as a direct link between borrowers, lenders, and related services, including managers, analysts, insurance companies, funds, and trading terminals.

Datarius is being developed by Fintech company iCrypto S.A. The Datarius project is a new, social-type cryptobank with transparent conditions. Datarius plans to become the first financial institution capable of off­ering its customers a full range of financial services implemented within a decentralized system. Customers will be able to obtain services that are based on their needs through the Datarius Cryptobank.

Operating on the Peer to Peer ecosystem, all transaction participants are private users, without any banking institutions. Fintech company iCrypto S.A., developing Datarius Cryptobank, is at the forefront of new digital economy. Their platform will be an excellent solution for people without credit history, to whom traditional banks cannot provide loan proposals to.

This project has a global value and is designed to overcome current difficulties connected to use of cryptocurrencies in a non-digital world, introducing options of integrated crypto- and fiat money services into payment infrastructure.

It is their mission to create a P2P system that will make use of the full potential of a decentralized financial technology within real like cryptocurrency payment system. This will also provide world community and access to financial instruments in P2P transaction format.

The project aims to bring cryptocurrency from a more virtual space to the real financial services market, while also preserving the best features of traditional banks, but with less costs and bureaucratic processes. The project team plans to provide access to a decentralized system of financial services to all types of people — those both involved and new to the crypto market.

This is an interesting project to be following. More information can be found at http://