Crypto Traveling as The New Black

Oct 29, 2018


In September, the cryptocurrency industry welcomed a grandiose event. Over 2,500 crypto evangelists from more together on the splendid cruise vessel to participate in the Mediterranean Cruise 2018. This tremendous voyage departed from Barcelona to Monaco and Ibiza and then returned to Barcelona. It was hosted by the Scotland crypto wallet provider CoinsBank and it attracted a considerable amount of attention.


The ship gathered the best representatives of the crypto world, including scandalous crypto hustler John McAfee, BTCC exchange founder Bobby Lee, and many others. Besides meetings and discussions, the guests enjoyed spectacular shows, tasteful dinners, parties, and unforgettable discos with world-famous DJs.


Crypto travelers meet new options


By the way, CoinsBank has already organized two successful blockchain cruises where crypto advocates communicated with each other, shared experience, and had fun. Such events gain popularity and attract more and more guests. Crypto tours are becoming a new trend in the travel industry.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are changing the travel industry, making the market participants develop completely new programs for the growing number of crypto adopters. For example, blockchain cruises which key feature is their unique format when only representatives of this industry (contributors, experts, advisers, startup founders, etc.) get together on-board.

It’s a great opportunity to meet famous people, get exclusive information concerning cryptocurrency industry and blockchain, as well as take part in various conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and panel talks. In addition to business meetings and negotiations, the guests can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and take part in different entertainment activities.


Blockchain cruises don’t just gather like-minded persons under the same roof. CryptoCribs, an Airbnb-like startup, offers its way to connect traveling crypto devotees. It has created a platform that lets book crypto-friendly accommodations all around the world and meet other crypto geeks. Launched in September, this application has already numbered 800 users and facilitated 170 tours across dozens of countries.


Crypto heaven welcomes new followers

Falling back on blockchain cruises, it should be noted that guests could use only fiat to pay for the internal services. Where and when will crypto-curious travelers get the real heaven? The Noah Project, a Japanese blockchain venture, has an answer. It is building a luxurious resort that will be running entirely on decentralized solutions. The team standing behind this project expects this place to become a crypto paradise for tourists from all over the world, who want to embrace their experience in dealing with emerging technologies and digital funds.

Noah Resort will become a part of the Filipino Dakak Beach Resort on the northern part of the island of Mindanao. This place is famous for its long white sandy beaches, picturesque landscapes, warm sea, and hospitality. It is called one of the most peaceful places in Mindanao.

This chick resort will attract not only divers and sunbathing lovers; active tourists will also find a lot to do here. Three tennis courts, a bowling alley, a world-class golf course, rock climbing, wakeboarding, cove hopping, kayaking, river and sunset cruises are waiting for the bravest and adventurous guests. But what makes this place unusual and the first of its kind?

Noah Resort successfully combines nature with technologies, which makes it extremely interesting and a must-visit destination for crypto enthusiasts from every corner of the world. What’s more, visitors will be encouraged to utilize their digital money to get access to a great number of services, goods, and amenities.

For using Noah Coin, the internal project token, tourists will be able to join the loyalty programs and receive discounts, cashbacks, and other bonuses. Noah Coin is now available on six exchanges (HitBTC, Changelly, Livecoin, Mercatox, Yobit, and BTC-Alpha). Moreover, the project team has developed the Noah Wallet allowing users to store, send, and get their cryptocurrencies in an easier, smoother, and more secure way.

The Biblical Noah managed to find the land after his voyage. Will crypto lovers reach their paradise? The team members are confident that Noah Resort will become a harbor for those who wish to break from city noise in the bosom of nature. Here, people will be able to mix business with pleasure, spend time among persons holding the same views, and join transparent crypto-friendly environment with the implementation of the up-to-date technological achievements.


Blockchain cruises, crypto resort… What will be the next? Like other markets, the travel industry changes under the influence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. There were a few places earlier where the crypto community could make use of their digital coins and enjoy the advantages provided by innovations. Now, new products and solutions that can give crypto fans such a chance are appearing on the market.

To get more details about the future crypto paradise, visit the Noah Project website, join the official Telegram chat as well as follow the project on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t miss the latest updates!