Coinlancer: Blockchain will save freelancers from uncertainty forever

Nov 17, 2017


Freelancer is a combination of both – being free and employed at the same time. The concept of such work practice offers a decent amount of opportunities. If one easy adapts to challenges which there are plenty too.

A wide variety of enthusiastic professionals bring businesses long awaited flexibility and pool of needed skills. This becomes important not only for well established organizations which can afford to choose between different specialists according to their preferences, but also – to startups. They usually have very carefully planned budgets and so a freelancer can be a great addition to their team on temporary basis. Cost optimization as well as flexibility acts an important role here.

All this is probably easy to grasp, especially for those who are on one side or another. The more interesting part is how the blockchain will help to optimize this already pretty well optimized market.


Futuristic approach to freelance industry


Today’s technologies allows freelancers to be their own bosses – work anywhere, anytime and basically as much (or as little) as they like. Nevertheless, there is a revolution approaching which is, obviously, coming from the blockchain based solutions.

Coinlancer is an entirely new generation platform dedicated to solve certain challenges that often arise in freelance community. The decentralized structure of Coinlancer will offer great new opportunities combined with immense levels of security and transparency. The factors that are not entirely covered in traditional freelance platforms today. It is here to bring fairness to both parties.

The platform will be issuing tokens which are based on Ethereum smart contract technology. The principle is designed to protect both – freelancers and clients interests when it comes to delivery of the finished work and payments. This is the most important part of any business, but in this environment it is vital to ensure that everyone is happy in order to allow this concept to prosper.

The Coinlancer tokens will allow to solve the most common issues and disputes by enabling more fairer judgements than centralized platforms can offer. In addition to this, the tokens will provide freelancers with the opportunity of investment within the platform. The more tokens they have, the better off they will become in longer period of time. Coinlancer also features and integration with HitBTC which allows to expand the scope of potential investments for the freelancers.


Increasing numbers of freelancers


Nowadays, more than 34% in the United States workforce is compiled by freelancers. And the number is increasing every year. While in the past to freelance was considered to be only good for college students and perhaps someone without, a so called, real profession, today – it is a different story.


One of the major catalysts for such increase in interest of freelancing is the major leap in general evolution of technology. More and more professions can now be detached from a physical workplace to provide more opportunities for global experts. More people from all over the world can now offer their expertise to any global business and with Coinlancer – to get paid accordingly.


The challenges of traditional freelance platforms


The traditional freelance hubs are great places to find work as well as someone to give it to. However, the whole greatness ends when freelancers get scammed by imposters. And, of course, the other way around. It is usually hard to distinguish the real clients from scammers and the only way to ensure certain levels of trustworthiness is to rely only on payment services.

It isn’t good enough as these services fail to protect either side of this trade. There are so called freelancers tribunals on some of the platforms, however, due to the increasing number of claims, they are not as objective as they are also slow in decision making.

This was one of the drawbacks of these platforms, however, wait, there are more. If you had a chance to work over any of them, you probably noticed that a piece of profit taken from your revenue by these middlemen is massive. We are talking about 15 to 20 percent of commission on every order.

Due to the fact that any of these platforms cannot ensure the 100% foolproof anti-scam systems, giving away one fifth of your earnings sounds a bit harsh. Walking away from a big project empty-handed is no novelty to any experienced professional but it can be avoided.

Coinlancer is going to be a much more reliable place for both parties. Being based on blockchain, where the transparency is the key, you will not need to worry about any of those issues anymore. Due to the cost effective decentralized information distribution Coinlancer will only take a small fraction as a commission for your hard work. Also, it will ensure the payments and delivery of the finished works to be timely and fair.

All this becomes possible due to revolution that is happening now and is called the blockchain technology.